Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking the naxals to leave her. She is tied to the bed by ropes. The bed hangs and is controlled by the ropes. She asks who are they, she does not know anything, leave. The naxal asks her to keep quiet. She talks in Bengali and says she went to temple to do puja, and policeman wanted to talk. He lowers the bed and asks what does she know about Himanshu, how did he die, where was she for 3 months. Chandu looks at her.

Sooraj misses Sandhya and says if Sandhya was here, she would have sorted everything. Ved shows him some papers and says Sandhya will like this. The naxal man says she is adamant and won’t tell anything, lower the bed. She says no and the bed lowers to the fire put up. Chandu asks them to stop. The naxal asks him does he know their loss after Himanshu’s death, and this girl is not saying anything, how will they do their mission and get arms without money.

Chandu says this mission will succeed, we will win anyhow, I know things are tough after Himanshu’s death, but we have to think by mind, this girl is not in state to tell us anything. He says he won’t let them kill her. The man says he understood. Chandu says she will be fine in few days and we will ask her. The man says you thought well, we will keep her infront of our sight and our work will be over. Chandu asks them to get her down.

Bhabho makes kada and asks Babasa not to drink water after having it. Pari’s assistant comes to talk to her. Mohit says he has shut Emily’s number. The lady talks about parlor work. Mohit says she is asking the wrong lady, Emily is bahu of this house, ask me anything related to parlor, I m the owner, make list of the items, you will get it. He asks Emily to get tea. Pari looks on. She gives him tea. He scolds her without any reason, and Emily’s hand gets burnt by the tea. Pari rushes to take care of Emily and takes her to apply ointment. Bhabho silently looks on. She asks Emily to compromise with her fate.

Sandhya is freed in the local area and sails in the boat. The people keep an eye on her. She thinks about the place. Pari says she will not beat this injustice, dad has snatched the parlor and I don’t agree with Bhabho, why to lie as per fate, you have done this till now, its enough now, leave this home atleast for my sake. Emily says fine, we will leave, Sandhya has given me responsibility to take care of Ved, why do we care right? All promises went with Sandhya right? Sandhya has done a lot for us, and still we will leave this house.

Pari says we can’t leave Ved alone, he needs us, he is very young, Sandhya Tai ji did a lot for us, you can’t break promise given to her, we won’t go. She hugs Emily and cries. A boy brings Sandhya to the Garjana people’s village. Sandhya looks at them, and thinks even kids are taught to make arms here. She goes ahead and thinks its good that they are educating girls. She looks at them. The lady stops teaching seeing Sandhya. Sandhya then sees the words taught by arms, pain, miseries, and all negative things being fed in their minds.

The lady teaches about police and govt, and their savior is Chandru. Sandhya recalls Bharat asking her to reach the head Chandru and get info from him, its impossible but she has to do this, she will decide what to do, Chandru will keep her in Himanshu’s village where they can keep an eye on her, being close to jungle, don’t do anything that they doubt on you and make you leave the village, you have to be in between them for the mission. A lady holds her hand and asks the boy who is this girl. The boy says she is Himanshu’s wife.

The boy takes Sandhya to Manjari Mausi and says your bahu has come, Himanshu’s wife. The old lady looks at Sandhya and gets angry. She calls Sandhya unlucky.

The old lady scolds Sandhya and asks why is she doing Shringhaar when Himanshu is dead. Sandhya asks her to leave her and struggles.

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