Swaragini 21st July 2015 Written Episode

Ragini tells Sumi that she wants to say something. Laksh tells her about Swara going to hotel and not remembering later on. Ragini informs her that Swara went to Pub and danced there. She apologizes to her. Sumi asks how care how can she do that. Evil Ragini says she wanted to tell this to her before. Swara comes there through the window. Laksh scolds her for going without informing him. Ragini says I told you that I tried calling you. Swara asks Ragini, you worn my clothes. Ragini acts as innocent and starts crying, saying she didn’t wear it intentionally. Swara apologizes to her. Psycho Ragini says she can do anything for her sister Swara. Dadi comes and knocks on the door. Everyone panics. Dadi asks them to hurry up. Sumi asks what to do? Ragini asks Sumi not to worry and hides with Laksh. She gets closer to him on the pretext of hiding.

Sumi opens the door. Dadi comes inside and asks where is Swara? She sees her not dressed up and asks about it. Swara says this is happening because of Ragini. Ragini keeps finger on Laksh’s lips and stares him with longing eyes. Laksh looks at her eyes. She tells Ragini took her clothes for pressing. Dadi says she has to do something. Swara says she will get ready and asks her to go. Ragini hugs Laksh as she gets a chance. Dadi asks Swara to cover all the curtains. Sumi says she will talk to her after reaching home. Swara closes the door and asks Laksh to go. Ragini’s earrings get stuck in Laksh’s sherwani. Laksh says he will not go until he talks to her. Swara asks what he wanted to tell her.

Annapurna asks the servant, about keeping the stuff and Laksh’s chain. She goes to call Laksh. Swara tells Laksh that she don’t remember anything about the happenings. Laksh says I trust you, but whatever is happening…some truth is revealed to us. He says we came to know something. Laksh says you have agreed for this relation. Swara says she knows what she is doing and asks him to tell the truth. Laksh tells her that Inspector sent him video and it showed her adding drug in the drink. He says you have checked in the hotel room that day. Swara says it is a lie, and I don’t take drugs. Laksh shows video to her. Swara gets shocked and says it is a lie. She insists to see the video again and tells about bearded man. Laksh says there is no man with a beard there. Swara asks am I lying? Ragini acts again and asks Laksh to trust Swara.

Laksh says he is trying to trust her. Swara says why she will do this, when she preponed her wedding. Swara was about to tell him about the man snatching her phone and deleting the video, but Ragini stops them and asks to get ready for the rituals. They turn and look at each other. Evil Ragini smirks and closes the door. Tu Mera Hamdard Hai plays…………..Annapurna sees Laksh coming out of room. Laksh thinks what to say? Annapurna asks him not to lie and asks about the matter? She says this is your and your papa’s decision. She says time will tell if this decision is right or wrong. She asks him to come as everyone is waiting. Sumi hears them and gets worried.

Sanskar comes to his room and looks in the mirror. He recalls Swara’s words that she loves Laksh very much and targetting on his heart. He thinks Swara’s words can’t weak me.

Ragini gives laddoos to Swara and Laksh, and asks them to make each other have it. Swara eats the drugged laddoo and dances during her sangeet. Everyone looks on shocked.

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