Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 21st July 2015 Written Episode

The soldier checks the cart and is happy to see Pratap and Ajabde lying unconscious inside. He orders the other soldiers to kill everyone but Chakrapani and Chetak ward them off.

Soldiers attack Rawat ji from behind. Akbar finally throws a spear at him. Rawat ji imagines his wife talking to him. I am so proud of you. Your bravery will be etched in the history forever. He smiles. Rawat ji thinks of his bond with Rana ji and Pratap. If I take another birth then I would want to be born here only. Jai Mewar! He breathes his last.

Akbar wants the soldiers to head towards Suraj pol. It wont take much time to win over it. A soldier informs Jaimal ji about Rawat ji’s death. Jaimal ji swears to kill the Mughals for their atrocity. Ishar Das ji notices more troops of Mughals coming towards them. Akbar notices him. Surround him and kill him. Get this door clear. Ishar Das ji marches forward to kill the approaching group of Mughals. He kills their commander. He challenges Akbar. Soldiers start attacking him from all the corners. He is badly wounded yet kills all of them. He takes his last breaths. Jai Ekling ji, Jai Mewar!

Akbar wonders why he doesn’t have such brave soldiers in their troops. Let us head to Lakhota Dwar. Dodhiya ji is guarding that door. He kills all the soldiers who try to break the door. The soldiers were trying to break open the door with a big log. They kill Dodhiya ji by continuously attacking him with it.

Akbar’s eyes turn to Patta now. Patta challenges the Mughals to come fight with him if they think they are brave enough. He continues to kill every soldier that comes in his way. Akbar is surprised to see such a young kid leading the soldiers. Surajmal has no clue who he is but he is surely brave / strong enough which is why he is got such a big responsibility. Akbar tells his soldiers to shoot him. Patta laughs at him. That is your only option if you want to kill Patta Chundawat! The soldiers shoot him. Patta falls on the ground as he thinks of Rana ji praising him. I will guard Mewar and Rajputana till my last breath. He thinks of his jija and his promise to him. I fulfilled my promise. I saved your husband. He is perfectly alright. I don’t know when I will meet you now Jija but I pray that you and Pratap stay safe always. To the motherland! He breathes his last.

Akbar has never seen such brave hearts in his life. They head to Padanpol now. The Kshatranis are guarding that door. They bravely fight with all the soldiers who come there.

Chakrapani and Chetak continue to kill the Mughal soldiers. Chakrapani puts unconscious Ajabde and Pratap on Chetak as he notices more soldiers coming there. Save them today Chetak. My life is not that important. Don’t think about me. They are more important than me.

Precap: Kalla and Jaimal ji become a team and kill many soldiers. Akbar makes his soldiers shoot them as well. Patta’s wife is wounded. The soldiers decide to catch her alive. Shehanshah will be really happy.

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