Manmarziyan 21st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika regarding Arjun as a Lord’s avatar and smiling. Khwaishon pe likhi………plays………….. Nandini sees Saral and asks what is he doing here. Saral says he will tell everyone that she has ruined him, and gets angry. Radhika walks in with Arjun and Mala. Piyali asks Radhika to meet Sam. Sam asks where was she, why is she dresses as a bride and hugs her. Saral talks to Nandini and says if he gets ruined, he will not leave her. He argues with her. Sam gets to know entire story and cries. She thanks Arjun and says Radhika said right, you are really a Lord, you have taken everyone’s problems on your head. Arjun gets stunned. She hugs him. Arjun recalls Radhika’s words and looks at her. Dastaan…………..plays…………

Neil asks Radhika not to cry, and jokes that she has seen the Lord today. Manya makes Arjun sit for the haldi. Saral says Arjun became a Lord, he has paid money in the hospital, and called Dilip and Ankush to Mumbai, I did not understand your and Arjun’s game., my life got ruined, see my jalwa now. She stops him and says she can make him marry Radhika even now. He says now I won’t marry her, its about my respect now.

Radhika happily applies haldi to Sam. Zubin asks them not to bore, and what for they practiced dance. He asks them to come. Nandini tells Saral that I called you my brother, I will return your respect, trust me, everything will be fine. Sam and Radhika dance on the song Gopiyon ke sang ……. Radha teri chunri…………. Arjun looks at Radhika. Neil dnaces with Sam and Radhika. Arjun recalls Radhika’s words and her trust on him. Arjun walks out. Saral says he won’t come in Nandini’s acting.

She asks him to go and tell everyone, then he will get many slaps and he can’t think of coming to Mumbai. She says I know you are smart and will do whats right. Arjun comes to her and does not see Saral. He says Nandu and looks on. Saral leaves. Arjun asks will this marriage end our pains, and is this marriage necessary for our aim. She gets shocked and asks what happened. He asks will their pain end by giving someone pain. She says pain never ends, and just we have to get habitual, did you forget my pain, I never forced you, this was your decision.

Nandini says this is not a fairy tale life and shows the bad side of the life, naming Samrat as the devil and Arjun has to tackle him. She says maybe you can’t see angel Samaira’s tears, its fine if my life ends like this. Sam comes there and asks what happened, why are you both so shocked, come. He says Nandu was saying a story of two devils, and someone an angel’s tears are needed to kill a devil. He smiles seeing Nandini. Sam laughs and asks them to come. Radhika and Mala come home. Dilip and Ankush are at the gate. Radhika hugs them.

Saral sits drinking. He gets angry on the bartender. Nandini comes and stops him, asking him not to spend right anger on wrong place, as it ends the anger strength. She says use your mind. Saral says my mind isn’t working, I heard you and lost Radhika, her family is insulting me. Nandini says much happened because of Radhika, Arjun has raised question on me for the first time, but Radhika will be answering everything. Saral asks whats her plan. She says not mine, ours, we will do it together as a team. He holds her hand and she smiles.

Nandini says this question will slap Radhika. Sam will slap her….. Saral fills Sam’s ears and asks why does Radhika find support in Arjun, when you are her friend. Sam looks on.

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