Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2015 Written Episode

Pari demands Jigar that she needs her own child. He rejects her demand. Gopi backs Pari. Even Ahem says he is on Pari’s side. Pari asks if she is backing her to stop her from leaving house. Gopi says she really wants her to have her own child.

Dhaval takes family to a room where it is not leaking and says they will stay there until rain stops.

Gopi sees Kokila cleaning house and asks where are Meera and Vidya. Kokila says they are not yet out of their room. Meera comes there and tells Kokila that she proved her wrong, so she should apologize her now. Ahem asks her to mind her tongue. Kokila say she will. Gopi asks her not to.

Urmila wakes up Kinjal and she falls from cot on which she is sleeping. Kinjal yells that she slept next to Urmila, but she kicked her whole night, so she came and slept here. Urmila says if she can kick her again. Kinjal asks Dhaval when will they go to Modi bhavan. He says he cannot take a chance and will not take her there.

Meera says Kokila that she loves her more than she hates Gopi and when she came to Mumbai to meet them, she was very happy, but now she is not as she is always on Gopi’s side. Kokila apologizes holding her ears and bending her head. Ahem asks her not to, but Kokila goes ahead.

Meera says she forgave her long ago and says she has some conditions which she has to agree. Kokila asks to go ahead. Meera says she will only take care of herself and not family members and will not even pack Rashi’s tiffin. Ahem asks her to stop her rubbish. Kokila says she accepts Meera’s demand as she is wrong at this time. Meera smirks and runs to her room.

vidya comes and Kokila informs her about some pooja. Vidya asks whatis it. Hetal tells about its sifnificance. Baa says with this pooja, she hopes her family’s problems vanish. Kokila hopes old problems don’t arise. A masked lady is seen laughing.

Precap: Kokila orders pooja items to a man and he informs masked lady that kokil wants to perform pooja.

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