Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd July 2015 Written Episode

Nandhani asks Manik to open his hands but he says what if Nyonika heard her then she gets scared and asks him is she in there for real. Manik laughs saying to Nandhanithat should have looked at her face. Manik feels something hurting on his back then Nandhani asks him to let her see it and when she sees it she finds the tracking chip Aryaman placed on Manik’s back. Aryaman is searching Manik’s room to find a picture of his sister and starts to look inside of every Photo frame and finally finds his picture but then he hears someone coming and hides in the corner and Nandhani comes in Manik’s room toget something to pull that tracking device but then realizes that she should go Nyonika’s room and hurriedly goes there.
Mukti see Harshad who then confronts her and they start talking after which he asks her to dnce with him and they start to dance.
Nandhani pulls out that device from Manik’s back but it suddenly falls and Nandhani starts searching for it and does not listen to Manik to stop.
Manik is standing and Nandhni tries t go to get something to place on the injury on Manik’sack but he stops her and says nothing would be better than her kiss and Nandhnai then kisses it and after this Manik pulls her up and takes her inside.
Aryaman tries to get out and comes out to the hall but sees Manik comingand quickely hides and when they leave he quickly rushes out.
Naviya comes to Cabir saying that she has a surprise for him and opens the packet and when Cabir sees that it s paan he says that he does not want to eat it. Naviya gets down to the floor and asks Cabir to give her a massage to which he at first dis agrees but then agrees and starts pressing her shoulder.
Manik s standing on top of NAndhani and starts to carress her she turns away and smiles. Manik sits down and turns away her hairs and kisses at her back and then they start making out but Nandhani stops him and they both sit up.

Precap: Aryaman and Nandhani are talking and Nandhani says to him to get Harshad and she will get Manik and then she will prove that Manik is innocent.

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