Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 22nd July 2015 Written Episode

Chakrapani puts unconscious Ajabde and Pratap on Chetak as he notices more soldiers coming there. Run to the opposite side. Chetak runs. Chakrapani lights fire. He has gunpowder in his hands. He throws them towards them and they all die. Chakrapani joins Chetak on foot.

Kalla and Jaimal ji continue to kill the Mughal soldiers. Akbar shoots at Jaimal ji’s feet. He stumbles. Kalla looks on in shock and anger. Jaimal ji asks Kalla to support him. Kalla lifts him up on his shoulders. They start fighting as one team. Har Har Mahadev! Surajmal and Akbar aren’t happy to see it.

The soldiers kill Patta’s mother. She dies in her DIL’s arms. They injure Patta’s wife and catch her. The soldiers decide to catch her alive. Shehanshah will be really happy. We will get highly paid for this. Patta’s wife states that no one can dare to catch a Rajputani alive. She kills herself with her sword.

Kalla and Jaimal ji keep killing the soldiers. Akbar is amazed and impressed at their spirit. He appreciates Jaimal for fighting like a tiger even though he is wounded. What are they made of! Surajmal replies that they are from Mewar. The land gives birth to brave people. We wont be able to win over Chittor till even one brave heart is alive! Akbar makes his soldiers shoot them as well. Jaimal ji keeps trying to encourage Kalla to fight till their last breath or these Mughals will gain hold of Rajputana. Kalla touches the sand and puts it on his turban. Jai Ekling ji! He dies. Jaimal ji too breathes his last.

Akbar remarks that no one would have been so brave ever. There would be no other brave warrior than Jaimal. The soldiers are ordered to kill everyone in the fort. The soldiers spare no one. There is blood everywhere.

This war will be more remembered for the sacrifices of its people. Akbar wanted to expand his empire whereas Mewar’s every citizen was trying to protect their motherland from any kind of enemies. The motherland, the Mother Nature will always remember this sacrifice of its valiant heroes till eternity.

Mughal flag is hoisted at the fort. People chant praises of Akbar. He begins to head inside the fort amidst all the cheer. He is standing before the throne. His 15k soldiers have died in the war. A few thousands of Mewar soldiers killed my 15k soldiers! Find that Pratap’s dead body and bring it in front of me. It must be here only somewhere!

US and DB have given shelter to some people and have organized lunch for them. DB tells him to rest for a while but US cannot rest. A king can never sit at peace when his citizens are not taken care of. He is going to talk to Acharya. He tells the soldier to let him know in case there is any message from Chittor. The soldier nods.

Akbar is sitting on the throne of Mewar. Today’s date will be etched in history. From today onwards we will rule on the entire India. No one can even dare to stand before us. A soldier comes to inform him that they couldn’t find Pratap’s dead body anywhere in the fort. Neither could we find Chetak anywhere. Akbar thinks that Pratap cannot run away from a war. We beat a few people but maybe Pratap and his wife ran away. Surajmal reasons that they might have been sent to some safe place to keep Mewar’s future safe. Akbar is sure Pratap will return to Mewar for his motherland.

Acharya advises US to be free of any guilt. A king’s responsibility is to protect its citizens. You are doing that perfectly. US denies. I couldn’t even make a new palace yet. My citizens don’t even have a roof over their heads. A true Rajput is the one who never thinks of all this. A soldier comes there. US is angry to see him wearing black clothes (Mughal attire). The soldier kneels down before him. the situation is such that that was the only option. US calms down. Tell me. The soldier says we lost Chittor. Mughal flag has been hoisted there now. Everyone is in for a shock. US is about to slap him but holds himself back. He and DB is in tears. What about our Samants, soldiers and citizens? The soldier tells them about Pratap and Ajabde instead. US repeats his question and gets to know that everyone died in the battle. US holds his chest and stumbles. I lost everything! Everyone rushes to his side. US faints.

Precap: Akbar still wants his enemy. Pratap is still alive. He will return to take his revenge. Pratap and Ajabde gain conscious. Pratap tells Chakrapani that he wont let that Mughal succeed. We are Rajputs. We cannot give up. We will attack him.

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