Manmarziyan 22nd July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nandini saying Sam will slap Radhika will her questions. Dilip talks to Radhika and says Arjun saved you, else we would have not met your eyes. She asks about Dada ji. He says don’t worry, I told Riddhima and her husband to take care of Dada ji, she told about Saral’s actions to her inlaws, they apologized to me. Mala says Saral is Riddhima’s brother in law, he is related to us by her, Arjun helped us. Radhika asks when do we have to return money. Dilip says he did not tell us, but we should return favor soon.

He says many shops burnt, they wanted to file case, they are inquiring about the fire, we have to sell home if they find us the reason for fire incident. Radhika says no, Ankush and I are with you, once we know the truth, everything will be fine. Sam talks to Nandini on phone and comes to meet Radhika. Saral comes in her way, and he asks him to move. He asks does she know which way is she going. Arjun and Nandini are at Radhika’s home.

Dilip thanks Nandini. Nandini says no, all this is happening because of your daughter, you are also like our family, so I got sarees for you both, wear it in sangeet. Mala thanks them for doing so much. Nandini talks to them sweetly. Saral asks Sam to understand. She asks him to get lost. Saral asks why does Arjun call Arjun when she is in problem, why did she ask money from Arjun, and not you. He says she finds her teary support in Arjun, why so. Sam looks on.

Radhika tells Arjun that she will return his money soon. Nandini says this is Arjun’s duty towards humanity. Radhika says she can’t take money from Sam, as she has done many favors on us, Ankush and I will work and return money. Nandini says Dilip and Mala gave good values to Radhika, we will leave now. Saral tells Sam that Radhika and her family are together, think Radhika trapped me in Rishikesh, and then Arjun, when I was managing her expenses, she said she will marry me, then did acting to trap you. He says she could ask money from you too. Nandini looks on and signs Saral. Saral smiles and says Radhika always cries and shows crocodile tears to Arjun, is she your friend or Arjun’s.

Sam sees Radhika and Arjun coming downstairs, they talk and smile. Saral claps for them, and says Radhika is my fiancee and is looking happy with someone’s fiance. He says she is trying to trap Arjun. Arjun gets angry and says you get saved every time, this time I won’t leave you. Mala asks Radhika to stop Arjun. Radhika stops Arjun and holds him. Sam looks at them. Saral smiles. Nandini asks Saral to get lost before she calls police. Saral signs her and leaves smiling. Sam looks at Radhika holding Arjun.

Sam is upset. Neil talks to her and asks her not to think. Sam asks why did Radhika not tell me about Saral. He says Radhika can’t do this, she may have any reason, Saral is ruined and ruining other’s lives, he is a loser, leave it. Sam recalls Saral’s words. The sangeet mehendi function starts. Piyali, Manya and others dance. Radhika comes with Mala. Nandini smiles seeing her. She pays the lady to apply mehendi to Radhika just the way she said. Nandini asks Sam to get A written, she will find. She says she will give her lots of life as a gift. Sam says how sweet, and sees Radhika.

Nandini says Radhika looks so pretty, I gifted her this saree, I said Arjun’s fav color is pink, so she chose this saree, I m glad, pink suits her. Sam gets thinking. Radhika dances with Arjun. Sam looks at them. Arjun goes. Radhika goes to hug Sam. She says you look great in red saree. Sam asks Radhika when did pink become her fav color. Radhika says Nandini gifted me this. Nandini asks her to get mehendi done. Arjun looks at Radhika getting the mehendi applied. Khwaishon pe likhi………..plays…………..

Nandini checks mehendi and looks for A. Sam laughs and says you found it so soon. Radhika says she did not have anyone;s alphabet, as her engagement broke. Nandini says some alphabets form themselves, show me your mehendi. She asks Sam to see A written in it. Sam looks at Radhika. Radhika smiles.

Nandini fills Sam’s ears against Radhika. Sam scolds Radhika for being after Arjun. Radhika looks at her.


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