Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 22nd July 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with RK taking Pam to garden and asking her to understand his situation. She says it is not his mistake, he already told he is engaged to Devika and has moved on, but with his jovial attitude, she thought he still loves her. She should have realized they have passed romantic age and got emotional. She says she will not come in his way and leaves. Devika comes then and says there is a surprise for him in hall. He goes to hall and sees Devika’s parents there. Devika’s dad asks if he is surprised or tensed that he will be caged forever now. Mom asks him to stop frightening son-in-law (SIL). She tells they have fixed his and Devika’s marriage after 15 days. Everyone congrats them. Dad warns RK to keep his daughter on top of the world, else he will shoot him. Mom asks him to again to stop frighten him. Ragini takes parents to show their rooms.

Neil tells Karan and Dimpy that RK is confused about his marriage. Ragini interferes and asks him to stop confusing RK more as men are usually confused by nature. Neil asks if she means all women are stable and men are confused. She says RK is moving ahead in life and he should not stop him. Neil says she is arrogant and eogostic as usual and forces her thoughts on everyone and says when did he say he wants to stop RK’s marriage, he just said RK is confused. Karan asks them to stop fighting onhis anniversary day.

Pam in depression munches cakes. Suhani enters and asks her to give her favorite lotion. Pam asks her to take it from her bag. Suhani says due to RK uncle’s marriage, their India trip is extended for 15 days more. She could not attend Nishi’s marriage but will enjoy RK’s marriage this time. Pam shouts at her not to get that excited. She then apologizes her and asks her to take cake away, else she will eat everything. She then cries thinking what happened to her.

RK’s would father-in-law major catches him forcefully and forcefully describes is army stories. Neil comes to speak to RK and RK asks major to tell stories to Neil and runs from there. Neil says he will come in 5 minutes, but major continues his loud overacting. He then sees Aman passing by, calls him and tells major that Aman wanted to join arm and then police but could not due to physical fitness issue and he is very much interested in army stories. Major then forces his stories on him and takes him to hall where youngsters are. Youngsters escape one by one silently leaving RK and Karthik in major’s courtesy.

Neil stops RK and tells he wants to tell him something. Ragini enters but stops seeing Neil already and thinks he will confuse RK now. Neil thinks he should not confuse him and leaves. RK imagines Pam and Devika walking together and slapping him, thinks he already started day dreaming.

Children while having lunch discuss that major is testing Aman’s patience and they escaped somehow. Aman enters and says he somehow escaped and major is boring watchman now. Major enters with watchman and shouts that he was sleeping on duty and orders him to run around farm house 50 times. Watchman gets afraid and runs from there. Major then praises Neil’s fitness and scold Karan for his bulging tummy. Karan cleverly takes him to bar..

RK comes to Pam’s room and requests to listen to him, holding her hands. Neil enters and is surprised. RK says she was complaining of wrist pain, so he was checking her wrist. Pam says she is fine. Neil leaves. Pam asks RK to go ahead with his marriage and she will not disturb him from hereon and asks to leave her room right now. He sadly walks out.

Ragini sees Neil standing without having lunch and gives him plate. She then sits with ladies. Devika’s mom asks her to have food and gives her prepared moong dal halwa. Ragini reminisces she picking halwa from fridge at midnight and Aarav coming there and telling he likes halwa a lot, so he woke up. They both then feed halwa to each other. She sheds tears and Sunny also reminisces same incident and gets sad.

Precap: Ragini and Neil’s argument and fight starts with Ragini telling he made same mistake years ago. He asks what did he do and why is she attacking him personally.

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