Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhruv seeing Thapki. She turns and looks at him. He calls her and asks her to do the work, its urgent, he is waiting for her answer. Vasundara scolds Suman and Preeti. She takes the notepad and they stop her from seeing. She sees the long list and scolds them for asking such items from Thapki’s family, did she ask this from their family. She cuts everything in the list, and says I will take shagun of Rs 1.50rs, as Thapki is a diamond, what else do we need. She goes. Suman says once let Thapki come as bahu, then see her stammering, you will call her a coal.

Dhruv comes to Thapki and asks her did she do the work. She says she will need some time. Aditi comes home and tells Poonam and Krishnakant that Nimmi will be on roads, Mishra is duping them. Krishanakant says what happened with us, I will not let this happen to Nimmi. Dhruv calls Thapki in his cabin. She goes and gives the files. He says she did not reply anything.

Krishnakant tells Nimmi that Mishras are bad and greedy, they have ruined him. Mishras get tensed. Krishnakant says we don’t want them to trouble you, like us, don’t believe them. Nimmi looks at Diwakar and goes to him. She says Diwakar has told me everything before and now Krishnakant is saying the same story. Nimmi calls Krishnakant a liar and does not believe them. She says you all are cheaters, you made Thapki and Diwakar’s proposal fixed by not telling about her stammering. She scolds them. Diwakar tells about Thapki calling him in her office party and she got after them, and tells a wrong story. Krishnakant raises hand to slap Diwakar. He scolds him.

Sakshi asks Vivek to get her earset and he gets it at Thapki’s desk. She wears it and hears Dhruv saying she is special in his life, I want you to be with me always, come and tell me your feelings, please. Sakshi smiles. Thapki looks for the earpiece and sees Sakshi having it. Sakshi goes to Dhruv and says I did not know you think this about me. He asks what. She asks why did he not ask her feelings before, she wants to tell him that she likes him, as he is very handsome and successful. He is shocked. She says everyone likes us as a pair. He asks what is she saying. She says that you wanted to hear.

Thapki comes there. Sakshi says you have sent this earpiece for this, to know my feelings. He looks at Thapki. Sakshi gets shocked to know Dhruv has told it to Thapki. She scolds her and says she is just an intern. Dhruv gets angry and asks her not to say anything. He holds Thapki’s hand and takes her out infront of all the staff.

Dhruv tells the staff that he is marrying Thapki. Dadi tells Vasundara that she will refuse for this proposal. Dhruv’s family goes for Roka.

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