Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 23rd July 2015 Written Episode

Ajabde has gained conscious. She is sitting next to Pratap. He thinks of Mewar. He wakes up with a start. How did I get unconscious? What place is this? Where am I? He immediately questions Chakrapani. I should have been in the fort. What am I doing here? He asks Ajabde the same question. She tells him that maybe they added a herb in our food before Saka and Jauhar because of which we lost conscious. It is possible that we have been brought here. We think we have lost Chittor! Pratap shouts out loud. Chakrapani tries to say something but gets slapped by Pratap in return.

Jagmal tells Acharya not to go out to look for any Vaid. Mughals have won over Chittor so they must obviously be looking for us too. Acharya tells him not to think of all this right now. Plus no one should find out about real identity. Jagmal nods.

Pratap calls CHakrapani a traitor, a cheater. You are not a friend of mine. You have cheated me! I wont give Chittor to that Mughal at any cost. I will attack at that Mughal with all my commanders. I am Rajput whereas you turned out to be a traitor! He turns to go when Chakrapani tells him that no one is alive. Who are you going to save? Saka has happened and so has Jauhar. Ajabde and Pratap are stunned. All the brave warriors died in the war. Chakrapani cries. Pratap thinks of Rawat ji’s words. Give us one chance. The best thing for us will be to die but to save you and Rana ji so Mewar’s future is in safe hands. He thinks of Kalla, Patta, Jaimal ji and everyone. He is in tears / pain.

Acharya puts a flower in front of Vaid’s nose and he loses conscious. Acharya tells Jagmal to collect the necessary herbs. No one should find out about our real identity. We have to be very careful. Jagmal tells him to take the Vaid. I will collect the herbs. The villagers stop them. Jagmal gives his real intro to them. Rana US is unwell. The villagers want to know about US’s whereabouts. Acharya tries to hide it but Jagmal agrees that he knows about their address. Trust me. You can come with me. They all surround them.

Chakrapani tells Pratap about how bravely everyone fought to protect their motherland. Pratap walks up to Ajabde. I am your culprit. I have committed a crime. I am a criminal for all those citizens, Samants, soldiers, everyone. I left everyone alone to face that Mughal. I left your brother Patta there to fight with those Mughals. I am a sinner. She tries to stop him but he stays put. This is the bitterest truth of my life. I became a little less careful and I got transported out of the fort. I should have known that they will do anything to save me. Why was I not careful! Saka happened in the fort and I am only listening to the details here. Don’t worry Ajabde, I wont let their sacrifice go in waste. I wont spare that Mughal. I will take revenge from that Mughal. He will regret doing what he did! I wont spare him. Ajabde asks him to take her with him. I too wont back down from doing a sacrifice. He agrees. Chakrapani stops them. It can be a very big risk for your life. Pratap doesn’t mind it. Chakrapani reasons that our Samants died so you can gather yourself again and fight with that Mughal. Pratap cannot live with his burden. I don’t want this kind of life which can be of no use for our motherland. He is about go out when a soldier comes to inform them about US’s health. He has lost conscious. He is not in a good shape.

Chand and DB are rubbing US’s palms. Chand hears some commotion and goes outside to look. She notices the villagers heading there. DB too comes to check. Are they coming to attack us? Amar offers to save US and their place.

Chakrapani asks Pratap what is more important right now – US’s health or Mewar? We have to take care of Rana ji as he is the king of Mewar. He is our future. Ajabde too agrees with him.

Another group of villagers stand in the opposite side of those villagers. Amar Singh walks in the front. I wont let you go inside. The villager leading them puts his sword down after heading US’s name. Everyone follows suit.

The villager apologizes to Acharya. We thought that the Mughals were trying to trick us again. They have done that in the past. Achrya sends him out. Vaid checks US. He shares that US had a major heart stroke. I cannot say anything till the time he opens his eyes again. He might lose his will to live if he doesn’t gain conscious soon. Everyone is worried for US. They immediately sit beside him.

Precap: Akbar knows that he hasn’t got complete success yet. Akbar still wants his enemy. Pratap is still alive. He will return to take his revenge. Post my order in every corner of Rajputana. It will bring Pratap directly to me on his own.

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