Tere Sheher Mein 23rd July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gajanand meeting Dev. Dev says you got scared by few words. Gajanand says you went wrong, I have seen you working in business and on the right way, if you get enmity, then I will not leave you. Dev says a father has now revived and laughs. He says congrats, you and Sneha are united now. Gajanand says no, we can never unite, as Sneha is Rishi’s wife, but its also true that she is my daughter, my family, and no one can trouble us, else he has to face me first, this is my advice for you, stay away from my daughter. He leaves.

Dev says I wanted this, that you and Sneha got together and I crush both of you together. Mantu does not get Amaya’s message and says she made me habitual and did not message today. She does not message him and sleeps. He gets restless and messages her asking about her health. She is sleeping and he messages again. Dheere dheere se…………..plays………….. He waits for her message.

Its morning, Amaya wakes up by the alarm. She says she is supergirl of superman, and can do anything. She checks Mantu’s messages and smiles saying so many messages from Mantu. Mantu waits for her message and says she did not reply me till now. His phone rings and he asks did she get time now. Its Uma, and says great, I did not know you were waiting. He says Uma, I m going to office now. He ends call and thinks to meet Amaya at office. Rachita asks Amaya to get checkup done by doctor. Amaya says I have to go office and see my boss’ face, he thinks I can’t do the work, I m fine. She comes office and gives the file to Mukherjee. Dev comes and Mukherjee talks to him. Dev fires someone who does not do work on time. Mukherjee says Amaya has done the work perfectly. Amaya greets Dev. Dev leaves. She smiles.

Rachita teaches English and Rama joins her. He greets her. She asks what is he doing here. He says I m your new student. She says she works here, don’t trouble me. He says I came to learn English. She says you can’t learn here. He says I took admission and paid feed, see the receipt. She says fine, and introduces Rama to the class. She says she will punish him for coming late, he has to learn poem and read it aloud. Rama says this one, its one page. She asks why, can’t he do this. He says no. She says he can sit in class if he does this, he can take time and get permission when he reads the poem.

Gajanand meets Lallan and asks him to have sweets. The man asks did I do any mistake. Gajanand taunts him. He says you changed the party, I know everything, who is doing all this and why, I want to hear it from you, maybe I can help you. Lallan says I have to find about Sneha Mathur and her family. Gajanand says ask me, I will say, note the address, and says it’s the red door haveli. He says you can go, and says ask me who is she. He says she is my daughter and Lallan falls in his feet. He says I will do as you say, just bless me,

Mukherjee says well done Amaya, Dev has given this letters to you for delivering, you have to complete the work till evening. She says she will go. He says good, keep it up. Dev comes there. Amaya sees Mantu and he is annoyed. She says actually… He says say fast. She asks why is he giving attitude. He says she does not have time to reply his messages. She asks did he feel bad, did he miss her. He says no, next time reply. She smiles. He says you look good smiling. She says Dev gave letters to deliver in Banaras, I will go.

He says you are hurt, I will come. She says I need to rush. He insists. She asks why, does he not have work. He says I can do work later. She says I have to roam a lot, don’t say I made you tired. He says I won’t, come. Sneha is at the temple praying to Lord. Dev also comes there and talks to some man. The man apologizes to him, and Dev hands him one rupee. Dev says I don’t know meaning of two words, forgetting and forgiving, remember this. Sneha walks down the temple stairs. Dev turns and sees her. They both get shocked seeing each other. She starts shivering seeing him. She panics and runs. Dev says Sneha and follows her. She runs and takes an auto. Dev runs after her, and sees her leaving. He angrily says Sneha Mathur.

Dev gets Prasad from the temple and reads that Sneha did Rudra Abhishek, instead Gajanand Chobey. He says now I will surely get her.

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