Manmarziyan 23rd July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sam getting shocked seeing A in Radhika’s mehendi. Radhika goes. Nandini fills Sam’s ears against Radhika and says she is so sweet that one can get diabetes. She says look at her, she is always after Arjun, she was with Arjun in Lonavla, she takes help from Arjun, she did not let you know her problem. Radhika shows her mehendi to Arjun. Sam looks at them. Nandini says she does not understand Radhika, either she is very lovely or very clever, she can use Arjun, but I know Arjun loves you. Sam goes.

Radhika tells Arjun that she can tell him about the place of A written on Sam’s hand and asks what will he give. He asks what does she want. She asks for Sam’s happiness and smiles. She says Sam loves you a lot, promise me you won’t let Sam’s eyes get tears ever. Arjun keeps his hand in midair above her hand and moves off, saying if he promises, her mehendi will feel bad. She says there are many ways to promise, and asks waiter for a plate. She signs him to pick it.

She asks him to promise by the jalebi. He says you are forgetting I hate sweets. She says you hate hatred too, you just promise, I will eat jalebi, but this mehendi will feel bad. She asks him to make her eat jalebi and opens her mouth. He looks at her and smiles. Dastaan………….plays……….. Her hair come on her face and he moves it off. Khwaishon pe likhi…………………plays…………The jalebis fall. Radhika brings Arjun and asks Sam to tell Arjun, he is not making me eat jalebis. She insists. He refuses. Sam worries seeing them. Radhika insists a lot. Sam asks Radhika to stop it, why is she after Arjun, why should Arjun make you eat, why don’t you eat yourself. She takes Arjun along and leaves. Piyali hugs Radhika and says Sam is bit tensed, this happens with every girl at marriage’s time, and makes her eat jalebis. Nandini smiles.

Nandini informs Saral that Radhika’s tears started. Saral says see my jalwa in some time. Neil cries and drinks wine. Teri meri dosti………..plays……….. Manya comes to him. Sam too comes and asks why is he sitting here. Neil sees Sam looking gorgeous. Sam says she was finding him, is he listening. He hides the wine glass. She asks what is it, just staring. He says you look so good. She sees the wine, and buttons his shirt. She asks him to come. He asks what happened. She says nothing, come, everyone is waiting. He stops her, and asks is she fine. She gets sad.

She says yes I m fine, I m marrying the one I love, come on. He smiles with tears. Manya looks at Neil crying. Piyali asks Zubin to call Manya and Sam. Nandini sees Radhika and says she has to get Arjun’s jacket ironed, and asks her to help. Radhika says I will iron it and takes it. Arjun’s phone rings and Nandini takes it. She keeps it there and makes Radhika hear about burning the shop. Nandini talks on phone and says I m coming. She goes out and smile. Radhika takes Arjun’s phone and sees the video of her dad’s shop burned and man saying work is done Nandini ji. She drops the phone being shocked.

Nandini comes back and asks why is Arjun’s phone fallen here. She asks Nandini how is she related to her dad’s shop burning, she has seen video in this phone. Nandini asks her to show, its Arjun’s phone. Nandini deleted the video when she picked the phone. Nandini smiles and asks is it not there. Radhika says I have seen it. Nandini says I think you got affected by the shop’s incident, so you are not seeing whats there and seeing whats not there, its good Arjun’s jacket is saved, its all her mind’s illusion, do me a favor, give this jacket and phone to Arjun, everything is fine, trust me.

Nandini talks to Saral and he asks what next now. Nandini says Radhika will not be quiet, lets see, her devotion wins or my planning. He laughs. Radhika recalls the video. Nandini looks on.

Sam asks about Arjun. Arjun asks what is the matter Radhika. She stops Arjun and holds his hand. Sam comes there with Nandini. She says Arjun…. And looks at them.

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