Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhruv telling the staff about someone special in his life, who is becoming his life partner, that’s Thapki. He says he is going to marry Thapki soon. They say congrats and are happy. Sakshi says sorry Dhruv, I did not know this, anyways congrats to you and Thapki. Krishnakant, Poonam and Aditi cry, as Nimmi did not believe her. They worry for Thapki. Aditi says Thapki was upset when she came from party, she did not talk to us. Krishnakant says she has hidden this, it means she did not wish to hurt us, don’t ask her.

Vivek tells Sakshi that they did wrong with Thapki and now she will take revenge from us. Thapki heats them. She tells Sakshi that she will go ahead by her talent, and not by anyway, she is still the same Thapki, and gives her water. Sakshi fumes and throws the bottle, saying this is your ego, I will show your status to you very soon. Vasundara gets a kurta for Bau ji and asks him t come, as Dhruv will feel bad. He says he won’t come and leaves.

Thapki comes to Dhruv and says she is going home. He says fine, I will drop you. She says I will go by auto. He stops her hand. Teri nazar me naya sa…………….plays……….. He holds her close. He says he is still waiting for answer, he will get his answer tomorrow in Roka. She leaves. He touches his hand to realize her touch and smiles.

Vasundara talks to Dadi and decides jewelry for Thapki. She still has hearing problem. Dadi says she will refuse for the relation tomorrow infront of everyone. Dhruv gets ready and Vasundara smiles. She asks Bau ji to come along, its big day for Dhruv’s life. Dhruv says let it be, Bauji did not come in any of my happiness celebrations. Bau ji says I m worried for Thapki. Bihaan says we will leave, roka mahurat will pass. A lady comes and says Dhruv Pandey you are under arrest. They get shocked.

The girl is shown holding handcuffs and smiles. She runs to Dhruv and hugs him. She is Dhruv’s sister Kiran and hugs everyone. Vasundara asks her to change clothes, they have to leave for roka. Kiran says I m ready, we will leave now. Bau ji stays at home. They all reach Thapki’s home. Vasundara asks Suman to message her and not let anyone know her hearing problem. Poonam does Dhruv’s aarti. Dhruv introduces his sister Kiran.

Kiran brings Bihaan and he gets shocked seeing Aditi and her family. Dhruv says this is my brother Bihaan and asks Thapki’s family is there any problem, do you know him. Bihaan says yes, I came here to vacate their home by mistake, and was going to make Aditi marry by mistake. Suman messages this to Vasundara. Bihaan apologizes to them. He asks them to forget it and says no one will look at their home now, as guards will be with them. Krishnakant says we don’t need. Vasundara apologizes and says Bihaan is opposite to Dhruv.

Dadi says how long will Bihaan say sorry, come sit. Kiran teases Dhruv. Vasundara introduces Kiran. Kiran says Dhurv introduced me already. Aditi says she made Dadi in temple, she was going to force me for marriage and bless me. Dadi says Thapki will be more sharp than her. She sees Vasundara smiling, and recalls her words.

Vasundara gives necklace and dress to Thapki. Dadi is shocked seeing Thapki stammering, and Vasundara does not hear this. Dadi gets angry and says she will do for what she has come here.

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