Sasuraal Simar Ka 24th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar says in heart roli must be coming here anytime. Mohini gives her the arti, simar says i will do the pooja once roli is back. Mohini says but it will be late, mata ji says she is right. Simar takes the arti and does the pooja with prem. Doorbell rings, mohini opens the door. There are cops with thakurain.

Roli says thakurain wants to tell us something. sid says we want to give her a chance. Thakuain says i am not the witch these two are. She says trust me, they ruin families. They kill kids and people to strengthen themselves. They have ruined your lives. If you dont trust me come to my village you will find proofs there. Mohini says you are right. But you ruined houses there not us. You killed my father. Thakurain says i will prove in 5 minutes that you are witch. She says they can’t enter the temple. Mohini says in heart i have to answer this with wit. Mohini says i am ready to go in the temple. She looks at the arti with all her black magic in temple. Mohini says but before me you have to go to temple. Thakurain says why should i? Mohini says if you are that pure why don’t you go? Thakurain goes to temple and says i will lit the candle. Winds start to blow and she can’t lit the candle. Simar takes her out of the temple and says enough.

Thakurain says ask your daughter, when you were getting married, I saved your daughters from Mohini. Prem says enough and don’t talk about my daughters. He asks inspector to arrest her. Inspector gets a call and says police team from Jaipur is calling. He talk to them and is a bit shocked. He says we know the truth, cops have found black magic stuff from your house. We retrieved two kids that you kidnapped as well. They arrest her, she says simar please trust me i am not the witch these two are witches. black cat comes and starts revolving around Thakurain. Sunanda says this witch made the cat alive. Thakurain says this is not my cat. Inspector say then why is it trying to save you? Sujata says please take this car from here. The cat attacks mohini. Everyone is dazed, the cat goes out. Mata ji says take this woman from here. Inspector takes tahurain with her. She says believe me, these are witches i have not done anything.

Roli says i am sorry mohini, i brought her here. Amar says this is not your mistake, i should have trusted mohini. Simar says we didn’t want to hurt you we just didn’t know what to do. So to figure everything out, we brought her here. Mohini says simar roli i have no issues with you. I understand that, i would have done the same if I were in your shoes. I am only bugged with amar. You want to spend your life with me, but you can’t trust me. All relationships are bound with trust. It will be better for us that I and maa should leave this house. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Sattu says we looked everywhere but couldn’t find prem. Simar says where is prem? mata ji says we asked all this friends but prem is no where.

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