Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raman and Bala having a talk about Bala’s problem. Raman says you are gone now. Bala asks him to support him. Raman asks him to give any gift to Vandu and calm her anger, woman is the reason of happiness and sorrow. Ishita comes and asks what is he explaining Bala. Raman says he is already Einstein. She says Mihir has come for some work. Raman goes. Ishita asks Bala did he have fight with Vandu. He says yes, she was irritated and stressed, and I can gift her something to convince her. Ishita says superb idea, did Raman gave it. Bala says I m thinking something, you call Vandu and ask which type of ring she likes. Ishita calls Vandu.

She puts it on speaker. She says Bala has come here. Vandu says I know where else will he go, can’t he call himself, keep quiet Ishu, he has fought a lot, he gained sympathy there, keep him, don’t send him. She says give phone to him. Bala refuses to talk. Ishita says he is with Raman. Vandu says fine. Ishita asks about ring choice, Bala is asking, I will refuse him as you are angry. Vandu says I want the ring, and says her choice. Bala and Ishita smile. Ishita says Bala knows you so well, he said the same. Vandu turns calm and sweet, send him, I would like to see him. Bala and Ishita end call and laugh on Vandu’s change.

Appa talks to Mr. Bhalla and says I know Raman and you have misunderstanding. Mr. Bhalla says I don’t get angry always, but I can’t bear anything wrong. Appa says yes, Raman is short tempered, and good at heart, he is your son, you know him. Appa says Raman wants to apologize to you. Mr. Bhalla thanks him for being a good friend and advising him. He leaves.

Bala joins Raman and Mihir. Raman asks Ishita to set dinner. Ishita says let everyone come. Mihir says Simmi and Rinki are coming. Mr. Bhalla comes. Raman and Ishita ask him to come for dinner. Bala says he will leave. Mihir asks him to come. Mr. Bhalla asks him to join. He says Mrs. Bhalla is coming back in two days. Ishita says I missed her a lot. Raman says dad missed her the most.

The baby cries and Ishita asks Sarika to give her the baby. Romi comes and stops Ishita. Ishita says its good baby got quiet after Romi came. Romi gets angry and shouts on her asking her to stop ths drama of fake care, she is ruining his life. Raman ask what is he saying. Ishita says its okay. Raman says its not okay and asks Romi. Romi asks Raman how can he talk to him infront of strangers, Bala is imp person, I m no one. Raman asks whats wrong with you. Mr. Bhalla asks why are they fighting. Rinki and Simmi come. Simmi stops Romi. Romi says why should I get quiet.

Raman ask Romi to tell what did Ishita say, I will kill you of you talk with bad manners. Romi says you talk to me with manners. Mihir says just shut up, talk well with Raman. Romi says you will teach me, and pushes him. Raman slaps Romi. Romi and Mihir argue. Romi insults Mihir and asks what is he without Raman. Raman beats Romi. Everyone stop Raman. Romi still argues. Sarika takes him to room. Ishita takes Raman. Rinki cries and says its enough Mihir, come. Mr. Bhalla gets worried.

Romi cries and Sarika talks to him. She cries saying Raman and Ishita won’t support them, and asks him to work hard for Rohit, they are the family now. Romi says yes, I got to know the truth, Raman loves Mihir and Bala more than me, don’t worry, I will manage my family, we don’t have anyone here. Raman asks Ishita not to cry, did she hear Romi, everyone is showing colors, first Rinki and Romi. She says I may have done something wrong, else how could he tell this to me. He pacifies her.

Mihir tells Rinki that they have to stop going Bhalla house. She says its not because of us, and speaks against Raman. She asks him to understand, if he is under Raman’s shadow, everyone will say the same, she is his wife and wants his respect. He says I understand everything, I will give you all luxuries, I promise, but being in same company, I will grow in my position, I will get much more than the other company offered me, Raman wants my growth. She asks how will this happen. He says this is my tension, I will fulfill your dreams, I m fed up discussing this, lets stop this topic. She agrees. He hugs her.

Its morning, Ishita prays to Lord to make things fine at home, the house should get peace. She gets a call from Mrs. Bhalla. She says everything is fine here, come soon, Rohit is missing his Dadi a lot, I will inform dad, take care. Neelu says Sarika has given this clothes to throw in junk. Ishita recalls she gave it to Sarika and asks Neelu not to throw. She takes it and says misunderstandings are increasing, how should I lessen this.

Mihir and Rinki argue again. Rinki says Raman is going all this infront of you, and you still worship him. Raman comes and looks at them.

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