Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Drupat is asking dasies their names and her kids and lives, Dharma is tensed.
Khurasan comes to meet Niharika, Ashok is following him. Khurasan comes in Niharika’s tent, he greets her, soldier takes his sword, he talks to her, Ashok tries to listen from far but couldn’t, Khurasan comes out of tent, Niharika comes out too with her new born baby, she raises white flag showing peace path accepted, AShok is happy and says my mother’s faith won today. AShok comes there with Ahenkara, niharika gets emotional seeing her, Ahenkara happily cries, she looks at Ashok crying and hugs him tightly, Ashok is stunned, all look on, Ashok hugs her back, he says war has stopped, go your mother is waiting for you, Ahenkara looks at her, she calls her, Ahenkara runs and hugs her, she takes her new brother in hands and kisses him, Nihariks looks at AShok.
Siamak and Drupat are asking dasies their information, they then come to Dharma, Drupat ask whats your name? she gets tensed, you have son, whats his name? noor ask her to answer, soldier comes and says good news is that Niharika lhas agreed to peace talks, Ashok have made her agree to it by putting his life in danger, siamak says he is magical.
Niharika comes to Magdh’s palace. Ashok comes to meet Dharma, she smiles and ask her to come in, he comes and hugs her, Dharma says I am proud of you, Ashok says don’t say anything but let me hug you.
Niharika greets Bindu, Bindu thanks her for accepting peace talks, Niharika says I accepted peace talks not peace, she looks at Chanakya and says I have listened a lot about you, Chanakya says it would be great if we had met in some other situation, Niharika says to Helena that we used to listen that you are very beautiful, now we listen that you are that mother who killed her son, Bindu says you crossed our border without order, if we had war then we would have won, Niharika says that would have been decided in battlefield only, if my soldiers had died in war then you would haave got affected too, Bindu says for Mauryas war happens to bring justice, but we believe in humanity, it increases problems of people, we want peace, Niharika says when there is no justice then how can peace come? I am ready for peace but I have two conditions, first my husband’s last ceremonies will happen as it would have happened for royal king, Bindu agrees, Niharika says 2nd is I want full justice, I want all criminals of conspiracy to be caught, she is same person who poisoned Justin and my husband, I want you to punish her like you did to my husband, Bindu ask who is that person?

Scene 2
Dharma says to Ashok that as much I try to keep you away from problems, it crops up more, I just pray for your security, Ashok says I have set everything, by peace now war is not happening, she says you have saved magdh, Ashok says you have shown me way, I have to leave now, he touches her feet, she blesses him, he leaves, Dharma says when you will know truth, don’t know what will happen to you.
Bindu ask Niharika to tell name, she says you love her much more than everyone, you will not believe me but read that betrayer’s name, she gives note to him, Bindu opens note, reads name and is shocked, niharika recalls her talk with Khurasan, he says you will not get anything from this war, you will lose to Bindu, she says if you had trust on winning then your king would have offered peace talks, Khurasan says only peace can give you relief and if you do what I am saying then you will get your revenge and peace will happen too, I am here to give you Helena’s message, he lost your husband and she lost her son, she want to help you, you can take revenge from Bindu when he most weak and he will be weak when most precious thing is snatched from him, then we all can take revenge, after this incident, he wont be able to sustain fb ends, Bindu says this is not possible, Niharika says she is alive, find her, Helena ask who is she? tell me name, I will kill her with my hands, Niharika says no Bindu will kill her with his hands, Helena ask who is she? Chanakya says if you don’t want to tell her name infront of all then we can talk in private, Niharika says why in private? she is betrayer so her name should be told to everyone liked it happened in case of other betrayers and Magdh Samrat is not biased, she ask Bindu to tell name, Bindu says I don’t trust you, Niharika says should I tell infront of all that your wife has planned this conspiracy, Helena says all 3 wives care for Bindu a lot, they can die for him, Niharika says I am talking about his 4th wife, he married her but kept it secret, her name is Dharma.. all are stunned.

PRECAP- Bindu says I wont like to listen a single word against Dharma from betrayer’s wife, Niharika says I maybe wife of betrayer but bitter truth is that you are husband of betrayer wife, find her and kill her with your hands and prove that not love but duty of land come to you first.

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