Balika Vadhu 24th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vimla scolding Mannu for going to Dhaba to meet Ratan’s friend. She asks how can you drink? Pooja also ask him. Mannu says he was talking to them and had drink subconsciously. Vimla scolds him and asks Pooja to give him food. She hears Ratan’s voice telling her that he gave Mannu to Jagya as he has complete faith on him. He says that he was afraid to make Mannu like him, if he stays here. He says your love have bind him here, and Mannu will become like me. Vimla says she will not let this happen. Ratan Singh’s soul asks if she wants Mannu to be like him. She says no, and sits down thinking about his words.

Akhiraj is on the way and calls Jagya informing him that he will be there in 2 mins. Jagya asks Anandi to sit and goes to attend a meeting. Anandi looks on.

Nimboli recalls Urmila challenging her to make Kachoris in 2 hours. Urmila tries to enter kitchen, but Nimboli stops her and says she will not tell the recipe to anyone. Urmila laughs and asks her to either make kachoris to feed her else get ready to be her servant all her life. Nimboli gets tensed. Disa comes to shop to buy Kachoris. The chef gives to someone else. Disa argues. He tells that he will give her in sometime. Disa thinks to reach home soon.

Akhiraj reaches Jagya’s office and talks to peon. Anandi asks the peon to send him in. The peon asks Akhiraj to come along with him. Akhiraj opens the door and sees Anandi sitting with her face turned. He is about to enter room, when Jagya calls him. He asks Peon to send Anandi to come to visiting room. Anandi comes out of room and sees Akhiraj going, but fails to see his face. She gets a call and leaves.

Jagya talks to Akhiraj. Akhiraj says he wants to work for the people and that’s why he wants to stand in the election from Jhalra’s village. He asks Jagya to think about village development and says child marriage do happen there. He says sarpanch community take bribe there. Jagya asks him to complain to the govt. Akhiraj gets tensed and says if we handle it then this problem can be solved. Jagya says he will talk to his PA and he will get back to him. Akhiraj says okay and leaves. Jagya thinks where is Anandi? Nimboli waits for Disa to come and looks at uncooked kachoris. She tries to cook it. Disa takes the kachoris and leaves in a hurry. Urmila tells Urmila that she has 10 mins only. Nimboli looks at burnt kachori. She thinks if Disa didn’t come on time then. Disa comes and sees Urmila laughing. Urmila starts the countdown. Disa thinks how to reach inside. Nimboli gets tensed. Disa gets inside through the window and is on the way to kitchen.

No Precap.

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