Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sajni telling Sandhya about Shekhar. Sandhya thinks is this Shekhar Chandu. She sits there and sees the dance performance. A scorpion comes and bites Sandhya. She faints. Yashoda asks everyone to cure Sagarika. Chandu looks on and thinks Sagarika has to be alive, till we get all info from here. The lady in white clothes makes some lep for Sandhya. Manjari asks did she die. Yashoda asks her to keep quiet. The lady applies lep. Chandu thinks she can’t die, she is imp for Garjana. The lady says don’t worry, she is getting conscious. Sandhya opens her eyes. The people cheer for Narayani Devi. Sandhya thinks they preach a lady as Devi here.

Yashoda says this is my daughter Narayani Devi, she has removed poison from your body, scorpion has bitten you. Manjari makes Sandhya keep her head in Narayani’s feet. Narayani says you are strong, I have seen bravery and energy in a woman after a long time. She blesses Sandhya and says some poison is still in your body, come in morning daily, I will make kada and make you drink, you will be fine.

Yashoda says Shekhar has brought Narayani here from far. Sandhya thanks him. Chandu says its fine, show me your hand. He says mum, she won’t do, her hand has long line like a black snake, she won’t die soon. Manjari says unlucky one. Chandu asks for Dakshina, he works as fortune teller in free time, you can pay later, I have good memory. He says unlucky, she spoiled my play…. He says I m saying whats going on in Manjari’s heart, don’t be shocked. They all laugh. He asks Sandhya to go before Manjari gets angry. Yashoda takes Sandhya along.

Manjari asks Sandhya what does she want. Sandhya asks for her clothes. Manjari says its not dry, it will dry till morning, sleep in current clothes. Sandhya rests and thinks about Ved. FB shows Sandhya not getting sleep. Ved says he will make her sleep. Sandhya asks how, by saying any story. Ved says no, stories are for kids, and makes her sleep by caressing her. He hugs her and says I love you. Sandhya cries and says I love you too Ved.

Meenakshi convinces Vikram to bring Sooraj, and its matter of few mins. Vikram asks what will I tell him. Meenakshi says lie anything, he does not figure out lies and truth these days, tell about Ved’s PTM meeting, get ready fast. She sees Bhabho sleeping and prays that Bhabho does not wake up before they come back. She shuts Bhabho’s room door. Sooraj says something is fishy. Meenakshi says no, its imp to go in PTM. Vikram is worried. Meenakshi says nothing will happen, lets leave soon. Vikram says its good the shop is closed since two days. A man asks Sooraj how is he, he has seen him after a long time. Sooraj says I m fine.

Bhabho comes there and stops Sooraj. Meenakshi worries. Bhabho asks Sooraj to come home, where is he going. Sooraj says in Ved’s school PTM. Bhabho says its not today, I will tell you, come. Vikram worries. Bhabho scolds Meenakshi and Vikram for taking Sooraj outside, if anything happened to him, then… Meenakshi cries and says she forgot to shut the door, she went to take ration, and Sooraj came out, Vikram and I saw him, and rushed to him, don’t we know his state, I m thinking what would have happened if we did not see him. Bhabho says I will heal all the wounds given to him by Sandhya, nothing will happen to him.

Sooraj sees a dress burning and shouts Sandhya. Vikram stops Sooraj. Meenakshi looks on worried.

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