Manmarziyan 25th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sam going to call Arjun. Radhika gives the jacket to Arjun. He thanks her and asks whats the matter. She signs no. He says you did so last time and I had to save you from marriage, whats the problem this time. She recalls the video and cries. Nandini sees Zubin and Kritika stopping Sam. Arjun wipes Radhika’s tears and says if problems went with crying, the world would have been crying, tell me, whats the matter. Sam says she is going to Sam. Zubin says this can’t happen, you can’t go. Sam says I have to bring Arjun. Kritika says Arjun will come, you are not allowed to meet him before marriage, else give us nek. Nandini pays them and says its fun to meet before marriage, and takes Sam.

Arjun asks Radhika whats the matter. Radhika says she has seen her dad’s shop burning video in his phone and its not there now, someone said Nandini work is done, I think Nandini has done this. He asks what nonsense. She asks how did the video come in his phone. He says just shut up. She holds his hand asking him to listen. Sam and Nandini come there. Nandini stops Sam saying don’t go, you know Arjun, he flows in anyone’s tears, let marriage happen, then keep Radhika away from him.

Sam goes to them. Radhika says please Sir. Nandini goes. Sam says Arjun, no need to hear anyone, come. She takes his jacket and leaves with him. Nandini smiles. Piyali thanks everyone for coming in Arjun and Sam’s sangeet, Samrat’s flight is delayed. She asks Mala to start, as Radhika said she is a good singer. Radhika goes to Mala. Mala says we will talk later, and starts it with a bhajan. Sam recalls Saral’s words.

Neil is in the room and drinks. Manya asks him to come for dance. Neil says our dances are over, Sam is gone, my dancing partner is gone, she will dance with someone else. The choreographer calls them, and Manya refuses to dance with him. She leaves. Manya dances on the song Ang lagade re…………… She performs alone.

Radhika asks Ankush how did shop caught fire. He says I don’t know, dad said we will get inquiry report today, so he went to Rishikesh, I don’t know how it happened. She asks does he know Rana. He says no, what happened. Sam asks Zubin about Neil. Zubin says I don’t know about him. Everyone clap for Manya. Piyali says its Sam and…. Sam says its turn for Samandar and her idiot, where is he. She calls him. Neil hears her calling him, and sits at a corner crying.

Sam says I did not forget that my every first dance is his. She dances on the same song Tip tip barsa pani……… Arjun and everyone smile. Sam waits for Neil. Neil comes there and dances with her. Radhika looks at Nandini. Sam takes Arjun along. Aansuon me bighaati…………..plays………… Neil cries seeing Sam and Arjun and moves back. Neil leaves. Radhika sees Nandini getting a call. She follows Nandini. Sam sees Bonnie there and looks at her. Bonnie comes to Sam. Arjun gets tensed seeing Bonnie.

Bonnie greets Arjun, and says you are marrying and did not invite me. Radhika looks for Nandini, and sees her. She hides and hears her. Nandini says you don’t have any proof, get lost from here. She goes and Nandini does not see her. Radhika goes to see and asks what are you doing here. Arjun asks what is she doing here. Bonnie says I came to say the truth, and asks Sam does she want to hear the truth. Arjun says she won’t. Bonnie says let Sam decide.

Saral tells Radhika that Arjun and Nandini has made him do all this, she regarded Arjun as Lord, he is a devil. She asks what nonsense. He says nonsense is happening with Sam. Sam asks Bonnie what she wants to say. Bonnie says she will talk in private. Arjun says Bonnie… Sam says its okay Arjun, she can’t tell anything that can lessen love for you in my heart. Bonnie asks Arjun did he get tense. Arjun goes. Radhika asks whats happening with Sam, what do you mean. Saral says Nandini has burnt Papa ji’s shop. He says even Arjun is involved, they both are trapping everyone. She gets shocked.

Radhika tells Sam that Arjun does not love her, he has some plan, break this marriage. Sam slaps Radhika. Everyone look on.

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