Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Devyaani talking to Naitik. Naitik says Naman takes care of business well, and has taken care of the family always. Devyaani says I wish Naman thinks like you and praises him. Naitik says we all are lucky. Karishma talks to Naman and asks him not to think much about Naitik. He says Naitik did not come office because of me, and he missed imp meeting. Karishma asks him to focus on his work and prove himself, so that no one thinks about Naitik. Naksh comes home and sleeps. Akshara comes and sees him.

She removes his shoes. He gets up and says I will manage. She says you can’t manage the pressure, study is most imp. He says I know, I wil manage. He says he wants coffee and he has to start working now. She asks him to rest and sings a lullaby for him. Naman signs on the papers and clients ask about Naitik. Naman says he is unwell. The clients say the deal will be done by Naitik’s sign. Bau ji says they are right, but they will send documents to them. Sanju comes to meet Yash and he gets tensed. He asks did she have any work. She says I was getting bored, I came to see action movies. Rukmani sees her. Sanju says hello, and takes Yash to his room.

She likes his room and asks is Nandini not at home. He says no, she went to market. Sanju takes some cds and goes. Rukmani looks on. Naira and Gayu have a talk about the rides. Naira says she is always with her dad. Gayu gets sad. Naira says sorry. Naitik looks on. Gayu says my mum is my dad. Naitik says he will take them for rides and they hug him. Rukmani tells Nandini that Sanju has come today, Naksh and Sanju will spoil Naksh. Nandini says no, this won’t happen.

Naitik comes to Naksh and Naksh hides the hotel papers. Akshara talks to Naitik and sends him. She tells Naksh that he is cheating himself, not Naitik, and asks him to study. Naksh asks her not to worry. He gets an investor’s message and says I have to go. She says meet tomorrow. He insists and she says she will not allow him. He sits studying.

Bau ji comes home with Naman. Bau ji asks Naitik his health. Naitik says I m fine, and asks Naman about his meeting. Naman says it went fine and leaves. Bau ji tells Naitik that he has come and sign for the deal. Devyaani talks to Naman and says Naitik loves him a lot, and defends Naitik. Karishma then fills Naman’s ears. Naitik comes and asks Naman to come and talk to him.

Naman and Naitik talk outside the home. Naitik explains him everything and Naman says sorry. Naitik says we should sort our differences, we should forget and move on. Naman gets angry and says I could not understand you, but Karishma knows you, she said you will convince me, and same things will go on, you have talent to control everyone. He says you have cut our roots, congrats, Karishma opened my eyes, I m feeling bad to say, but everything was fine in your absence, it would have been better you guys never came back. Naitik is shocked and cries. Naman leaves.

Naitik sits worried and asks Akshara to sleep. She talks to him and asks is there anything he is not sharing. He says no. She says yes, Naman and Karishma were calm today, they will realize their mistake. He asks did we do mistake coming here. She asks what is he thinking, they are happy. She says this is our family. He says we will always be together and united. He goes to sleep.

Naira and Gayu have a talk, that Gayu is getting admission in Naira’s school. Naira gets glad. Naksh says he is going. Akshara says his eyes are red, she can see he did not sleep. She asks him to attend college and then go to meet investors. Bau ji asks about Naitik. Naitik comes and is ready. Devyaani asks him to rest. Naitik says I m fine, I have few imp meetings in office. Naman and Karishma look at each other. Naitik leaves with them. Akshara gets thinking.

Naman argues with Bau ji. Naitik asks Naman to see the file. Bau ji checks it and says Naitik has named all his property and business on Naman’s name. Naman and everyone get shocked.

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