Reporters 24th July 2015 Written Episode

During his meeting with channel’s new business head Shreya, Khalid tells her that Kabeer is very happy here. She asks if he informedKabeer that she is joining KKN. He says not yet. She asks him to wait until tomorrow when she joins officially. He asks her to come late as he has some pending work to finish. She agrees.

In the morning, Kabeer signs 3 year contract for 2% shares. Khalid says whole staff will be happy seeing him. Kabeer says Manav will be sad. Malvika enters and says Kabeer she is really happy for him. He asks her to stop drama. Khalid asks them both to stop fighting and says it is time for celebrationd and takes out champagne bottle. Malvik asks when will new business head come. Kabeer asks Khalid why did not he come and says let us ope bottle when new head comes.

Ananya sees Ronnie working and asks him to accompay her for coffee. He says he is busy and asks her to bring coffee for him also. She starts drama. He asks her to stop drama and tell what she wants to. she says he uderstands her well and tells Kabeer is getting 2% share. Ronnie says her life is settled now, earlier she was editor-in-chief’s girlfriend and now co-owner’s. She says kabeer deserves it. Shreya enters just then and Ronnie gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Richa is shocked to see her and checks her name on net and tells Ananya that she is Shreya, ex-Mrs. Kabeer.

Shreya enters Khalid’s cabin and greets good morning. Kabeer is shocked to hear her voice, turns back and gets more shocked to see his ex-wife. Khalid greets her in and says she is new business head. Kabeer angrily leaves. Ananya and Richa see him walking and Richa says he seems to be very tensed and angry. Ananya follows him to his cabin and he says Khalid and KL betrayed him and Khalid knew Shreya is joinig, but he did not tell anything. Ananya asks what did they do. He says business does not favor anyone just like that, he will suck everyone’s blood. Ananya asks what does he mean. Kabeer says Shreya is new business head ad is his ex-wife.

Malvika addresses whole staff and tells things have changed for good in this office and Kabeer is no more editor-in-chief. Everyone are shocked to hear that. She then smiles and says he is also shareholder of KKN now. Kabeer, Ananya and her frieds fume. Baby tells Sunny they are not smiling hearig new, means something is wrong. Sunny says she is right.

Kabeer angrily goes back to his cabin and sits on his chair. Ananya follows him and says he should not bother if Shreya is business head and he should take it professionally, it has been many years since they separated. He says she is not understanding. She says though she does not have experience like him, she knows if one buries his past, he should not react. She holds his hand and asks him to calm down. Khalid enters cabin. Ananya gets alert seeing him and leaves. Khali tells Shreya wants to talk to him and says first he wants to tell him something, he or KL is not involved in this and she is from the company which got merged. Kabeer says he betrayed him. Khalid says he did not know Shreya is business head till morning. Kabeers asks then what about contract, etc. Khalid says he tricked him for his and KKN’s benefit as he is KL’s friend and dreamt of KKN since many years. KKN needed Kabeer and will be needing him always. He will be loyal to KKN with or without merger.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

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