Doli Armaanon Ki 24th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Ishaani and arjun come down, while she is amuse.d all wait for their reaction. ishaani on anirudh’s asking, responds that she likes arjun, confident that he shall definitely turn down, and then her purpose is served. But to her horrific surprise, he says yes, adding that he always wanted a girl like this, when she points out that she was speaking the truth on the roof. Arjun happily says yes, while urmi and anirudh are amused. Alok and kanchan are happy. Arjun’s mother asks if he is sure. he complies. Anirudh begins to seal the deal, when ishaani is frustrated and gets up saying, that she is not okay with this. she stands up and says that she doesnt want to marry arjun, as she doesnt like him, and then cuts it rightaway and leaves. anirudh sits resignedly. urmi and anirudh are amused. Alok is tensed that she said no to such a good, prospective groom, and gets to from anirudh, that she isnt serious and is just doing this to irk urmi, and they just played her in her own trap. Alok is amused too.

Scene 2:
Location: Police Station
As diya walks hesitatingly towards the office, shaurya assures that all wqould be right. they ask where the Fir has to be lodged. They are shown the way. Shaurya then asks the inspector, about the FIR for rape. All eyes turn to them. the inspector asks who has been raped. Shaurya indicates towards diya. All start leeringly commenting behind bars. Shaurya is enraged but controls somehow. Diya is mortified but puts up a brave face. She is then asked to narrate everything in detail from the beginning. Diya is apalled. the inspector says that they dont have time, and asks her to hurry up.she says that it happened a week back. The police asks why the delay. Shaurya says that she wasnt in a condition to file an FIR. the iinspector then maintains a serious face and then asks the case. diya tells that she was with karan, a week back. the inspector says that its a proper time for romance as she seems romantic, after he gets to know her relation with karan. she becomes brave, and starts narrating how the goons got enraged. the inspector hears with much glee, while shaurya sits beside her as a pillar of support. She fights back her tears streaming down her cheeks, and narrates everything. The inspector asks if she is sure about her report. shaurya asks if they look mad, as why would someone do that. The inspector doubtfully asks who is he. He identifies himself, as being from the media. the inspector says that girls these days use advantage against women abuse to their advantage. He tries to insinuate that diya too is like that. shaurya gets angry and asks him to simply take the statement. shaurya says that he shall do it. he asks the inspector to note everything down. When the inspector gets to know that she is from some location, and the rape happened in Kandiwali, he says that the complaint shall not be filed here, as it doesnt fall under their jurisdiction. shaurya asks why they werent told this before. he callously says that he told him now, and asks them to go to Kandiwali station. An angry shaurya takes her hand and moves out. they then move to Kandiwali police station, who also takes full interest and amusement at the story, where his embarassing questions, irk shaurya completely and diya is apalled. The inspector takes another casual call, and then when shaurya angrily eyes him. he cancels the call. she says that she was gangraped in the car. The police says that this means car was at a standstill and that she was raped inside. She tells them that the van was moving, and she was being raped. he asks if she remembers the area, and she says that she doesnt, but was callously thrown on some road, as shaurya clenches her hand, to give her strength to bear through this. when she is asked, if she remembers any landmark, shaurya points out that he is being highly callous, as to how a semi or an unconscious girl would remember a landmark for their convenience. The police casually comments that this means the van was moving all around the town for hours, while she was being raped, and hence its uncertain which police station, this case falls under, reluctant to take it himself. shaurya and diya are shocked. the police inspector says that they cant file this complaint under their police station. shaurya gets angry and asks where should they go then. He is told that they should go to he headquarters. urmi comes in saying that they shall not go anywhere, as this case shall be registered here only, in their police station, by him only. Diya goes to urmi and hugs her. The inspector asks them to take the drama outside, and asks urmi who is she to order them around. urmi identifies herself, as the NGO director, and he gets a little taken aback. he then explains why he cant file the report. urmi says that she has to speak what he should already know. urmi tells the inspector the law, that a rape complaint can be filed in any police station, and is referred to as a Zero Number Complaint. the inspector is left speechless, as urmi says that he shall have to write an Fir, as its mandatory and he has no choice. The inspector complies, and asks them to give the details. urmi and shaurya look around the crowd gathered. urmi says that they shall not give the statement here. The screen freezes on hr face.

Precap: The inspector points to urmi, that since she knows the law so well, she also knows, that the medical confirmation of rape should be done within five days of the accident, and that such cases when taken to the court, only result in insult, embarassment and humiliation. He adds that such cases become media publicity for a couple of days, and at the most, she wopuld geta couple of Tv channel interviews, with a veil across her face. Diya is apalled at his callousness.

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