Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Diya’s residence
Shaurya asks diya to explain what happened, as she goes back through her nightmare. He and her family is apalled to know that it was a gangrape. She breaks down, while he composes and comforts her. her family is shocked. Shaurya leaves. Devesh continues to reprimand the parents for giving too much freedom to diya, that resulted in this. Nirmala asks him to shut up, but he goes on a rant, if they are proud now that their daughter is raped. He asks how many voices she shall stop, when everyone tells them tomorrow, and that the society shall shame them, and that he would have to bear the brunt of it. Nirmala asks him to shut, while he says that he wont, as they all ruined him, as he would be the guy whose sister was gangraped, and that he wont be allows in any office. his father asks him to shut up, while he is in a self pity mode. Diya gets up and rushes out, and starts running towards the roof, with severe pain in her abdomen, with her father after her. she reaches the rooftop, while they ask her to stop this madness. she reaches the railing, and is haunted by devesh’s words, and gets suicidal ideas, as she looks down. She places her feet on the pipeline, and stands on the rails, while her father catches her at the last minute. devesh too rushes there. her father asks her what was she just about to do, while she asks him to let her die. They are apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Nupur gets tea for chiku, while as usual he cringes in her presence, which amuses her. They as usual get into a verbal spat, which alarms asha as she enters. Chiku reprimands her how can she keep a cheapster like this in the house. nupur gets angry and verbally abuses him in her folk tone. Chiku asks asha what were she and gaurav thinking when they decided to keep her here. he walks out in a huff. asha asks nupur what is she upto. Nupur clarifies that she started first. Asha is frustrated with her too.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
urmi is shocked to know that it was a gangrape. shaurya is angry at karan for his callousness, as she was his responsibility and now that she needs him the most, he deserted her. She says that this is the society, where the girl is reprimanded for everything, while the same guys shall be discarded as having done a mistake. She tries to point out the double standards that the society has for men and women. he asks whats the basis of this society, and is angry at the men, as to why they did this to her, and turned a bright and bubble girl, into a nightmare having ruined her life. he is apalled, while she says sternly that this is the easiest way to force themselves on women. she says that they shall not be quiet and raise a voice, and get diya back, mentally and physically, as she has broken down. He says that he doesnt have a clue how to help her, but he is sure that whatever happens to him, the culprits shall be punished. She says that then diya shall have to file a police complaint, and asks him to explain to diya, as the final decision is just hers. He is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Diya’s residence
Shaurya reprimands devesh for being such an irresponsible brohter, and asks him to undertand what could have happened. He asks if he even for once thought that she isnt at fault but her criminals are.
he says that the people are at fault, and asks if he thought about punishing them. devesh says that they are tolerating diya, as she is their family. shaurya reminds him this, as she needs her family, her brother and his love and support, and asks him why cant he understand this. Devesh angrily says that he doesnt want to and cant. he asks shaurya not to meddle in their business. Shaurya asks if he shall be able to forgive himself, if diya does something fatal. devesh thinks for a second, and then says that he is okay, and it would have been good, that she hadnt returned, or best she would have died, so that they wouldnt have had to see this day, as she and him would have gotten salvation. Shaurya is shocked.

In diya’s room later, Shaurya motivates that the weak commit suicide, and she isnt one, as she has never cared for her life, in her fight for justice. He asks her to ignite the old diya for the sake of giving a lesson to the justice. he reminds her how she took up journalism and her success stories, in providing justice to the victim and getting the culprits punished. He says that he shall not te2ll her what to do, as in the end, it only matters what she wants, and once she starts walking towards the light of hope and justice, all the darkness around her shall itself vanish that she is drowning in right now.

Shaurya keeps doing the same thing day in and day out, motivating her to stand up for her rights, and think about what she wants, and not what she society or the world wants. She stands stoically. he gets up. As he is about to go, she calls out to him. he turns around to face him. She asks him if he shall take her to the police station to file a complaint. shaurya smiles. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Diya’s father tells her that she should remember one thing, that if she steps foot outside today, then she is dead to them and they are dead to her. diya is apalled and distraught, while shaurya faces her sternly, wondering if she shall succumb to the pressure.

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