Doli Armaanon Ki 20th July 2015 Written Episode

episode begins with Dia’s mum putting poison into four glasses of milk after writing a letter that the whole family is going to suicide and that no one is responsible. She convinces Dia’s father and brother to have some milk. She goes upstairs to give Dia some milk too.

Shaurya comes and stops them from drinking the milk. He runs upstairs to stop Dia’s mum. He questions her why she would do this. Dia’s father says they can’t blame her; even they are finding it difficult to live.

Shaurya tells them to be strong and to take Dia to the hospital. Her mum says what will society say. Shaurya says society didn’t spare Sita either, then why are they giving more importance to them than Dia?

Meanwhile, we have some cute scenes between Asha, Gaurav and Rashmi’s daughter.

Shaurya says if not medical treatment at least to allow him to visit Dia. He will do all mental/psychological research to help cure Dia.

They hear a noise. Dia has locked herself up in her room.

The next day, Shaurya asks how Dia is and asks to see her through the window. He tells her father to console her and try to make the situation sound as much small as possible.

Meanwhile, Anurudh asks if it’s true Ishaani wants to get married. She says yeah. Anurudh asks Urmi if she is okay with that. She says sure and that she will start looking for some boys, and that the wedding would be grand.

Ishaani looks irritated. Anurudh and Urmi give each other a thumbs up.

Precap: Shaurya tells Dia through the door that he considers her a friend and that’s why he has been visiting her daily, but that she doesn’t consider him a friend; that’s why she’s not opening the door. He pretends to leave and never come back. Dia it seems has opened the door, before Shaurya is out of the house.

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