Qubool Hai 24th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s and shashi’s residence
Shaad confronts shashi with a revolver,saying that finally her game is over, and that she might have changed the face and prepared a lookalike, but she faltered in her trap, when the person left behind her shoes. While she is scared, the person breaks into laughter saying that she also got befooled. she marvels at the perfect way she got the personality right, and thinks that noone can defeat them now.

In the room, the new bride wonders if anyone saw the shoes, and then wonders where is shaad. she goes and then asks sanam, and she replies that he has gone out for some work. She asks sanam to call up and find out when he shall be here giving an excuse of some guests who she wanted to introduce to shaad. sanam complies.

Meanwhile shaad arrivees at the party, and thinks that he would have to get entry somehow. he is greeted by saif, who shows that he is very happy to meet shaad as he makes him join the party. Meawnhile, shashi in her young avatar, gets down, arrives with the new shaad at the masquerade bash wearing a face mask. Shaad is shocked to see them and he too wears it. shashi says that now the game shall become interesting with the introduction of this new player. Shaad complies. The fake shaad puts his arms around shaad, while the real shaad smiles. A professional dancer and shashi, in her young avatar, dances to a peppy number. While murtaza leeeringly dances and enjoys, shaad tries to get a pic from a safe distance.

Shaad gets sanam’s call, but doesnt pay attention, as he eyes the fake shaad flirting with another girl, while the girl acts pricey, asking him to take off his mask, to reveal his true self. He complies, immersed in his flirting, and just then shaad keenly observing gets up from his seat, and walks towards his table. just then, the ringing phone wakes the fake shaad with a jerk, and he asks the real shaad to pick it up. He turns away complying to the call, asking sanam to cancel as he would call right back in two minutes. Sanam tells the new bride that there seems to be a party and loud music. the new bride overhears the sound, as she abruptly snatches the phone, and is tensed. Sanam is baffled. In the meantime, murtaza takes off his mask. Shaad cancels the call and then turns around. Just then the next performance begins, and both the shaad again get into watching it. Meanwhile, shaad’s team of police surround the house from all sides.

Outside, the new bride finds ahil going with nazia, and when she asks latif, he tells that they have gone to the mayor’s house. She is shocked. the new bride immediately calls shashi to say that shaad is here, she presumes that the new bride is talking about fake shaad. the new bride clarifies that the old shaad is there. shashi gets alert when she knows that shaad is here and that ahil too is on his way. Shaad overhearing this, fires a blank shot, and gets everyone’s attention. shashi turns around shocked, as police encroach the area. Shashi tries to run, but shaad holds her at gunpoint. Just then, ahil arrives too with nazia, seeing whom she is happy, and tells this to shaad, teasing him that both the men are here, and their life, sanam is alone and what if something happens to her. He is distracted and she takes this chance to run away. Murtaza confronts shaad and stands between them. outside, the mansion, ahil is stopped from going inside with nazia, as there’s danger inside. they both are baffled. Inside, the fake shaad with the mask and the real one without one, get into a scuffle, where murtaza gets heavy on shaad, and finally holds him at gunpoint. but one of his men come in between, and faces the bullet. As shaad apalled gets down to tending to him, dressed as the mayor, shashi aims the pistol at shaad, who is distressed, but is overwhelmingly distraught when he finds that she aims at ahil and nazia running across the other end of the corridor. He is apalled. He rushes outside the window. the screen freezes on a shocked ahil and an amused shashi’s face.

Precap: Eid performances continue. sanam is shocked as she finds one shaad after the other entering the house, and stroming in. She wonders how is this possible.

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