Qubool Hai 21st July 2015 Written Episode

Saif is searching for Murtaza who is enjoying the delicious food. Saif looks toward him, but someone comes in between. Sanam-2 comes to Saif and asks if he found Murtaza. He says no. Just then Sanam-2 spots him going somewhere and they follow. Saif shouts at him where he was. Murtaza takes out his gun and points it at him. He asks him if he’s waiting for his death? Sanam-2 comes forward to help Saif, but Murtaza pulls her to him and gets cozy. She asks him to leave her and pulls herself back. Saif’s phone rings. Murtaza asks him to pick up. It’s Shashi. She asks him if they found him. He says yes and he has kept him on gunpoint. Shashi asks him to give phone to Sanam-2. She explains to Sanam-2 if someone else sees him, then will be a big problem. Sanam-2 asks her to come there. Shashi says she’s a mayor, she can’t come. She says to control dogs, you need bones, and to control Murtaza, you need girls. She asks Sanam-2 to handle him somehow for one night. Sanam-2 gets cozy with him now and he takes the gun down. Saif doesn’t like seeing that.

Sanam is looking for Shaad. Shaad notices it and wonders where Ahil is. He needs to be here right now.

A girl dances on Banno song. Sanam-2 and Saif are taking Murtaza away, but when he sees the girl dancing, he joins her and dances wildly. Sanam gets surprised. Murtaza sees Sanam smiling at him and goes to her and kisses her hand. He sees her hands empty and puts bangles in them. Sanam-2 and Saif helplessly look at them from distance. Latif takes Murtaza and Sanam’s photographs. Murtaza takes Sanam on the stage and they start dancing now.

Shaad is doing rounds. He sees the bangles and remembers Sanam wanted bangles and he broke her heart. Instead giving her happiness on Eid day, he’s hurting her so much. Saif notices Shaad coming there. Sanam-2 tells him to go and stop Shaad who is walking towards Murtaza. Saif tries to keep Shaad busy in talks, but fails. He comes to Sanam. Sanam gets surprised and asks when he changes clothes. He says, little while ago. He asks if she’s alright? She laughs and asks if he’s alright. She says leave that and asks him to dance. Murtaza is still dancing, but a girl’s dupatta has covered his face. He removes the dupatta and gets shocked seeing Shaad dancing with Sanam. He says in his mind, it’s Shaad for whom he had to change his handsome face. What’s so special in him? He starts walking towards Shaad. Sanam-2 pulls him in middle and takes him away. She asks him has he gone crazy? He again pulls her and tries to get intimate. She asks him to leave her and pulls herself back. She asks him does he realize had anyone seen him, then all her effort would have been wasted. She had to go through so many difficulties to make that face and asks him to be in his limits. He gets angry. He smiles and asks her to look up. She asks what’s there and looks up. He hits her on neck and she falls unconscious. He walks away. She gets up after a little while and looks for him.

Ahil meets someone and tells him it’s a special day for him tomorrow. He asks him to pray that he gets his love.

Murtaza is going to a bar. Ahil sees it. He gets confused what Shaad is doing there.

One more girl performs on song Mera Naam Mary Hai. Other hand, Murtaza asks a waiter for drinks. He asks if he even has money. Murtaza takes out all his weapons and puts on a table. The waiter gets shocked seeing that many guns and knives. Murtaza asks if that much money is enough or he wants more?

Ahil goes inside the bar. Sanam-2 sees and gets worried thinking if they two meet, then all her plan would flop. She thinks to do something fast.

Precap: Celebration continues. Girls distract Ahil by dancing with him. Sanam-2 takes intoxicated Murtaza outside, but fails to control him. He falls on ground and Ahil sees him.

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