Satrangi Sasural 24th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location Mumbai
After her talk with mini, arushi asks the lady to whip up some food, much toher shock, stating that to search vihaan, she needs energy which she shall get by food. the lady commends that she is very brave. arushi says that she has to be as vihaan could be anywhere and she needs to search meticulously. She also asks the lady to ask her husband to be with her tomorrow to assists her in her search. the lady complies and goes inside.

The next morning, arushi goes to search for him, and finds the sand where they had etched their names, from which vihaan’s is wiped off. she writes it again, and screams in despair, as she sits distraught and apalled, remembering her intimate moments with vihaan there. With tear splotched eyes, arushi returns to the temple, to pray for vihaan’s safety. She is told of a sacred thread that tied arund a sacred tree, keeps the husband safe and sound for longer life. With full faith, to save vihaan, she too does the puja and the ritual with utmost devotion, so that her vihaan is safe, as she remembers her moments with vihaan. the thread breaks off before she completes the ritual, and is apalled. she ties the torn ends together solidly, and then again tries it, while other ladies comment that this is an omen, but she rubbishes off their claims, saying that it was a weak thread. she ties it tight and then continues with the ritual and finishes it finally. She turns around to find mini waiting for her.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and temple
The mothers are bantering, that they havent had a talk with vihaan, since he went to Mumbai. geeta is tensed, while harpreet reminds that its their honeymoon. Granny says that she has a brilliant idea, and talks about it at the breakfast table. They are oblivious of a missing Vihaan’s news in the papers. harpreet and geeta badger granny to tell whats the matter.Granny says that before they return, if they themselevs reach Mumbai, that would be a perfect surprise. Meanwhile, the maid sees vihaan’s pic in the newspaper, and wonders why is it in the newspaper as she is unable to read. she decides to take it to the breakfast table, where harpreet and geeta love granny’s idea. She asks them to tell mini to book tickets online. narmada leaves to her room, asking the maid to give tea to granny. Harpreet and geeta are boggled, when they hear from the maid, that vihaan’s pic is in the newspaper. They see and find a missing report of vihaan, and are distraught, while the maid goes to get granny’s specs. Granny finds them tensed and then asks whats the matter and they are unable to respond. granny frustratedly asks for the paper, and then snatches it. granny is shocked as she reads the newspaper, and then goes unconscious, after repeated bouts of asthma attacks. They are apalled.

Mini gets harpreet’s call, and gets tensed, saying that noone knows she is here, and wonders whats to say. Arushi requests her not to say anything to them. Mini takes the call and is shocked at what she hears. Arushi is shocked too. Mini tells what happened there, and that they shall have to go to Delhi. Arushi understands that granny knows now, and says that she shall not go, as if she geos without vihaan, she would lose all hope. She asks mini to be practical, and that she shall be here so that vihaan can come to her, but mini says that going there is urgent too, and they shall come here when the police informs them. Arushi stands dazed, while mini coaxes her to continue.

In delhi, the doctor asks the ladeis not to give any stress to her, and keep her at complete rest, so that the condition isnt worsened. After the doctor leaves, narmada wonders what happened, while nilima is tensed too. befroe the maid blurts out, harpreet takes her out. Nilima and narmada are boggled.

Along with mini, arushi prays to the goddess that they have no reason to withstnd this tes, and asks why were they separated. she adds that she didnt want this, but wanted an eternity with vihaan. She says that its on her now to get vihaan back to her, as she has that faith in her. she swears that till her vihaan doesnt come back, she would stay here only, before her eyes, and shall not go anywhere. Mini is shocked. She hugs arushi, while she asks mini not to cry as vihaan is right and they shall find him. Arushi settles down. Mini is baffled. the screen freezes on arushi’s face.

Precap: Mini tells arushi that grannjy called and wants to talk to her. when arushi takes the call, granny asks arushi not to worry, as they are coming straightaway to mumbai, where they shall search together and find him. Arushi asks her not to, as she isnt well. But granny doesnt listen. Granny is persuaded to sit down, but she insistently gets up, and gets dizzy and goes unconscious again. Nilima tells arushi that she has gone unconscious agaain. Seeing no other option, arushi asks her to tell granny that she is coming. mini is surprised.

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