Satrangi Sasural 21st July 2015 Written Episode

Aaru n vihu were enjoying dancing with those villagers, the gang leader of those goons arrive their to attack them, but couldn’t do anything accept watching them dancing n romancing, he left as police was also their.

In delhi, manohar is missing vihu n wishing that if vihu is here he would have helped him, mothers agree, tai maa brought some pix of vihu n aaru from their childhood to maariage.

In mumbai, aaru n vihu having awesome time at beach, aaru ask him to do something romantic as they are on honeymoon.

In delhi, kasturi is missing aaru, dadu told her that they on honeymoon, she try to call thembut couldn’t reach them.

In mumbai, vihu write their names on sand, both have fun in water n then they kiss, at the same moment, those goons came n hit vihu badly, aaru shout for help, indelhi their photo breaks.

Precap: Those goons were beating vihu n aaru

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