Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla coming home and happily talking to everyone. She asks about Ishita and Raman. Mr. Bhalla and Simmi try to tell her that Raman and Ishita are not here. Mrs. Bhalla says oh, he might have gone to office and she might have gone to clinic, I will call them. Mr. Bhalla says they are not here, they left home. She is shocked and ask how did he let them go, what happened, it’s the limit. She cries and says she allowed Raman to go with Shagun and stay, and Raman said he can’t leave them, what happened now. Ishita is happy with us, she is nice girl, you chose her for Raman, you could have managed things.

He says Raman has become big man and does not need us, he feels we are burden on him, he made me realize he does not need us, he does not care for us, else he would have not gone like this. Mrs. Bhalla goes to Iyer house and calls out Raman. He goes to touch her feet and she slaps him. She asks how did he insult his dad, she has seen Mr. Bhalla crying for the first time, he does not express things but loves you all, you were his pride and ruined it today. She asks how did he leave home, when his dad scolded him. Everyone look on.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that she left home on her, why did Ishita not stop Raman, they broke her heart, no one is imp to her than Mr. Bhalla, she will never forgive them. She cries and starts leaving and Raman stops her. He asks is this my mistake. She says yes, you take big steps in anger is this anything to leave home, maybe your dad felt something wrong and was mistaken, why did you not understand him, you forgot he is your dad, when you were small and did many mistakes, your dad used to explain you with love and never left home like this.

She says if I scold you, will you kick me out of home, when children grow up, you want old parents to stay in corner and be dependant on you, we are not dependant, Mr. Bhalla and I are sufficient for each other, our son did not respect us. She leaves. Ishita asks Raman to talk to Mr. Bhala. Raman goes to room. Ishita goes outside and sees Mrs. Bhalla lying on the floor unconscious. She calls Raman and everyone. She asks her to get up.

The doctor checks Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita talks to doctor, and he leaves. She stands outside Bhalla house. She gets restless and goes to see Mrs. Bhalla. She cries and tells everyone to go, she has to talk to Mrs. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla, Romi and Simmi go out. Ishita says she has to talk and ask her, as she has questioned Raman. She says she is also a Bhalla and can decide for herself, she is not just Raman’s wife, but their bahu too.

She says whatever happened between Raman and Mr. Bhalla, why are you doing this with me, are we just saas bahu and no other relation, you gave me daughter’s love, I know Raman decided in anger, I supported him as he is my husband, it does not mean I will not say wrong as wrong, you have let Raman stay away, he is your son and can’t stay without you and this family. She says just we can make this fine, we have made Shagun leave and now we need each other. She says I need you, I support me, our house is breaking, I can’t manage it alone, and asks her to join hands to bring a change. They join hands and want to make things right. Ishita says she got strength now and smiles.

Adi and Ruhi have a talk about the problems at home. Ruhi makes him have food and makes him smile, saying Ishita will make everything fine. Ruhi cries and talk to Appa. She says Raman has left home and Appa consoles her. Ishita pacifies Ruhi and says she has surprise for her. She says I will make everything fine, trust Ishi Maa, its my promise.

Rinki talks to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla thinks she knows Rinki has ignited the fire in her family.

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