Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Garjana questioning Sandhya about the train accident and link with Himanshu. She answers them showing she is innocent, and says she was in bathroom at the time of the blast, and away from the coach. She says she lost her father in the blast and asks them to leave her. He says its his right to question her, and asks his man to tally her answers. She thinks they have to trust her, as she has prepared everything. Meenakshi talks on phone and makes Bhabho hear her. Bhabh asks whose call is it. Meenakshi says Kakisa called us and I said Bhabho is busy, and she was asking why don’t you go to temple these days, everyone is gossiping that we are hiding something.

Bhabho says fine, I will go and come back soon, take care of Sooraj. Meenakshi says yes, take your time. The man finds out that Sagarika is saying true, and Himanshu is not any raw player to tell her everything. The man says yes, she does not know about Mansi, but we have to know more. He asks the men to kill her. Sandhya gets worried.

Bhabho gets ready and says I m going. Meenakshi asks her to take envelop. Bhabho asks her to take care of Sooraj and leaves. Meenakshi calls the pension officer and thanks him for coming home. She says Sooraj is still depressed, don’t tell him about Sandhya’s death, his wounds will get fresh. Vikram asks Sooraj to come, and sign for hotel work. He brings Sooraj. The man talks to Sooraj and confirms details. Vikram asks Sooraj to sign. Sooraj asks when will he get permission. Meenakshi lies that he is asking about pension permission. The man says think you got it. Sooraj signs and Meenakshi gets happy that Bhabho did not know this.

Bhabho is outside in someone’s marriage. Meenakshi asks Vikram to take Sooraj. The man leaves and the fire crackers start lighting. Meenakshi is glad seeing the cheque in her hand. Sooraj sees few clothes catching fire and recalls Sandhya’s last rites done. Sandhya recalls Bharat’s words that Garjana will not care for her life, she has to be very careful, she has to use lifeline if she feels the risk, she has to do something to trap them and get a chance to save their mission.

They are about to kill Sandhya, and she stops them, saying she has something that could be of use for them, its in her purse in Manjari’s home, and asks them to leave her. They send some man. She thinks hr plan works. Sooraj says Sandhya and panics. Meenakshi says he can act mad seeing the fire. Vikram controls Sooraj. Meenakshi says get the injection from Bhabho’s room, if Bhabho knows this, she will not leave us. Bhabho comes and puts water on the fire. She says nothing happened to Sandhya, there is no fire, see. He says my sandhya….. and is restless. Meenakshi hides the cheque. Bhabho cries and gives him the injection. Sooraj gets calm.

Garjana gets the bag and get something with the number. The man says this maybe password of that account, he used to get money for us, we did not get any password after his death. He asks Chandu to try it. Sandhya hears them. Chandu enters the password and it matches. They all get happy and believe Lord is with them, and they will fulfill their mission. Sandhya thinks they don’t know its beginning of their ruining, once I win their trust, I will reach Chandu soon.

Chandu sees live feed video of Sagarika and says she is very smart, but this game will be ours now, I will have an eye on you and know your truth.

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