Reporters 27th July 2015 Written Episode

Khalid tells Kabeer that KKN needed him and will always need, with or without merger. Kabeer says it is rubbish and asks him to leave. Khalid walks out of his cabin angrily.

Malvika tells Ronnie that Kabeer got a big shock after seeing his ex-wife Shreya as business head. She asks Ananya if everything is fine. Ananya sits silently and Malvika leaves fuming.

Kabeer writes his resignation letter and angrily goes to Shreya’s cabin. He asks her why did she come here. She says to handle KKN’s business. He says he did not ask her to crack a joke and asks to tell truth. She asks why is he behaving so rude and says the merger group wanted her to become business head and asks again why is he scratching his past. It is years since they got divorced and now they are standing together professionally, what is a big deal. He says what happened and what is happening with him is a big deal.

Ronnie sees Ananya tensed and offers her coffee, saying she will feel better. Ananya says she is fine. He asks her to look at him and says he knows she is in a bad situation, but she should not over react. He says she trusts Kabeer as he handled more tougher situations than this. He says this is different situation. Ananya says Kabeer may feel uncomfortable for some time working under Shreya, but he will adjust. Ronnie says Kabeer has a past with Shreya, so he does not think he will stay here and handle situation. Ananya says earlier Malvika was there and now shreya, her life is full of roller coaster ride. He jokes that he was there for him, but she chose Kabeer. she asks him to stop joking. He asks what else he should do. She asks if everything will be alright. He says yes. She says even she feels kabeer will handle everything. ronnie asks if she saw envelope in Kabeer’s hand when he went up…

Kabeer says Shreya she is playing games with him by making him sign contract. She says he deserves it, so KL gave it to him and even she is an employee like him, he should calm down and understand. He continues staring at her. She says he handles all the news and she will handle finance, if they both reunite, channel will reach new heights of success. He nods no. She says when she was offered a job, she was very happy thinking she will meet him again and after all they both were man and woman for more than a year and know each other. He nods no. She says they are professionals and let us act like one, she is a business head now and will deal with usual protocol. He asks her to do whatever she wants as he is resigning. He throws resignation paper on table and leaves asking her to find out her new editor-in-chief.

Kabeer address his staff and tells they all tolerated him since a few months and it was his goodluck that he got such a wonderful team, he thanks them all and says from tomorrow new editor-in-chief will take his place as he is leaving KKN. Ananya is shocked to hear that. Malvika smirks hearing that. Khalid walks in angrily.

Ananya calls Kabeer, but he does not pick her call. She tells Ronnie she cannot believe kabeer would do this. Richa asks Ronnie what is happening. He says everything is in front of her.

Khalid tells Malvika that Kabeer has not given resignation and is just angry, he will come back tomorrow. Shreya enters, hands him Kabeer’s resignation letter, and leaves. Khalid is shocked to see letter. Malvika asks what will Shreya Bhagath do now.

Baby tells Sunny that Shreya and Kabeer must be knowing each other well. Shreya addresses staff and says a big drama happened today which was not needed. As they all know, she is new business head and is her duty to take thew channel to new heights of success. This channel reached #1 position because of kabeer and their hard work. It is her duty to inform them that Kabeer and she know each other well. She will do her best to be professional and not let any hindrance in channel’s success. She wishes all the best and leaves.

Ananya packs her bags and tries to leave. ronnie asks her to call Kabeer again and check. Kabeer picks call and she asks why did he do that. she says she will come right now. Richa takes Ananya to changing room and tells Kabeer’s past came back haunting him and stood in front in his own office. She should open her eyes and think with brains and not heart. Kabeer created a big drama on first day, but Shreya handled situation professionally, she is sure kabeer must have overreacted in his personal life and must have been unreasonable with Shreya. Ananya asks her to stop and says she is tired of hearing he badmouthing Kabeer. She asks when Manav scolded her, Kabeer took her side and she did not feel he is unreasonable that time. She continues that good friends help each other, but she is not. When she has accepted Kabeer and Ronnie is happy with it, why is she interfering in her life and asks to stop.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Life shows people a vision in their journey, but why some people complain about life????

Precap: Ananaya asks Kabeer regarding giving his resignation.


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