Tere Sheher Mein 27th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Guru ji saying either of them will get their love, but life is above all this, if they don’t love, even the life goes on. He says Amaya’s soul is pure and Lord has given true love to her, her future is not with his guy, it won’t be good for her, Mantu and Amaya can’t unite. Amaya gets worried and asks never? He says you and Mantu will be away, if you try to be together, life will have problems. She says we will fight all hurdles. He asks how will she fight with entire world. He tells Uma that Uma and Mantu’s all stars matches, they are good couple, but Mantu’s stars are changing, which can change his mindset and decision, and its good mahurat for her marriage in 30 days, if she marries on that day she will be happy, else everything can change. Uma thanks him. He says what can I do if its written in fate, things can change, and asks Uma to feed fishes in Ganga river, that’s his Dakshina.

Mantu waits for Amaya and imagines her. He sees M there and says Mantu, it means she loves me too. He thinks maybe its W, I have to think whats in her heart, else I will go mad. Amaya feeds the fishes and recalls Mantu. She cries. Uma comes there and sees Amaya crying. She feeds the fishes and pities Amaya. She asks her to believe fate. Amaya says why did I meet Mantu if fate did not had this, why would I live Mantu, there is something in my fate. Uma says falling in love and getting love are different, forget him. Amaya says fate can’t make me forget him, I love Mantu, its true as that Maharaj ji’s prediction, I will not lose, I have belief in my love. Uma holds her hand and asks her not to be shameless, just leave Mantu.

Uma asks her to free her love, accept my love, let him tell you that he loves you, don’t go near her, if you trust your love, then tell me. Amaya says I have belief on my love, that my love will change my fate. Amaya swears that if her love is true, Mantu will tell her that he loves her, without her saying or doing anything. Uma also swears that she will marry Mantu and unite, and her fate will win.

Rachita comes to class and Rama greets her, wearing cool clothes. She asks how did he come. He says he has learnt that poem. She says impossible, say. He says the long poem, and she is stunned. Everyone clap for him. Rama thanks them. Rachita says did he know the meaning, even parrot can read. She says lets study today, we will study… Rama says true love, it never loses, stops or dies. He says the meaning of the poem. She asks what nonsense. He says I m saying what you said. She asks him to sit, and not do any drama. He smiles.

Amaya gets Mantu’s call. She does not take it and comes office. Mantu smiles seeing her. She avoids him. He asks why did she get late, where was she. She says she had some work. He asks about her foot. She says I m fine, thanks. He asks why is she formal, and checks if she has fever. He asks why is her mood off. She looks at him and says nothing, I have work. He thinks to find whats in her heart, if she loves him, she will not let him go from here. He goes to her and says its last day of his contract, maybe last day at office. She asks what. He smiles and says you got shocked, see. She asks will you go. He says he has got 2 offers and tells her. He asks what should he do, should he stay here or accept another one.

She recalls her oath and gets teary eyed. She asks him to choose, what can she say. He gets shocked seeing her calm reaction, and says you are my friend. He asks her to say, and thinks he wants a sign from her, if she stops him, he will understand she loves him. Amaya asks him to accept the offer which benefits him, its his decision, she has work now.

She wishes in her heart that he stays here, and goes. He says she does not care if I stay here or go, and gets hurt. He looks at the contract and says I m mad to be so excited. Amaya talks to Mukherjee, and Mantu comes there. He says he decided to do any other job and did not sign the contract. Mantu wishes Amaya to stop her, and she wishes he stops.

Mantu is leaving and Amaya stops him. He smiles.

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