Doli Armaanon Ki 27th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Police Station
Urmi asks for a private room, as they shall not give a statement in public, and claims it as their right. the police complies. inside, in the prvate chamber, the interrogation continues, while they ask insulting questions, apalling shaurya and urmi. He is angry, while the police assures that this is a part of the enquiry, while saying that they have to file a chargesheet. He asks them all not to behave as if he is raping her, as whats been done is done, and there’s nothing left as it is to be insulted now. she asks him to weatch his attitude, as this is what causes the rape victims to live a life of indignation and solitude. she then asks after he is done writing the fir, for a copy of it. The police asks why they need, as he just wrote it. urmi reminds that its her right. the police silently complies. She inspects and points out that its a van not a car, and asks him to write the prominent and authetic info, and then instructs him to rectify it. he complies, and then refers diya to a female medical hospital. The inspector points to urmi, that since she knows the law so well, she also knows, that the medical confirmation of rape should be done within five days of the accident, hence its futile to conduct the medical test now and that such cases when taken to the court, only result in insult, embarassment and humiliation. Urmi says that she knows, but that doesnt mean she wasnt raped. The police says that if she is saying, then definitely it must have happened. He adds that such cases become media publicity for a couple of days, and at the most, she would get a couple of Tv channel interviews, with a veil across her face. Diya is apalled at his callousness. they coldly thank him, and come out, while diya breaks down. They both ask whats the matter and that she has to be stronger than this. Diya says that she cant do this anymore, while shaurya again emphasises her the need to do this. She says that she doesnt want to fight, and just wants to go home to her family. Diya is again encouraged by shaurya and urmi, thaty she has to get pst this embarassment and taunts, so that she doesnt regret this later in life, and that the diya she knows is a survivor, and that she cant break down like this, and if she is courageous, then she shall win, as she isnt in this alone, and they are with her. Diya wipes her tears.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
The lawyer is very happy when anirudh points out the details of his will, where he gives shaurya equal claims. anirudh asks him to get the papers ready. damini overhears this and when the lawyer isd gone, she asks whats wrong with him, and why is he giving half of his property to shaurya. Anirudh complies, and then asks why is she eavesteasing. damini asks why is he giving it to a stranger, and he reprimands that ishaan considered him a son, and he does too. Damini asks him not to shout, and that the true heir is only ishaani, and that shaurya doesnt have right, and that she wont allow ishaani’s rights to be relinquished. anirudh points out that urmi is the bahu, and she has a right on this houdse, and again points that shaurya could have joined the family business in crores, but he wanted to be self reliant, and he is porud of him. She says that she doesnt think so. he says that he doesnt care what she thinks, that he has built this empire, and only he shall decide how to split it, nooen else, not even her. she says that she is his wife, and hence she shall interfere. he asks her to talk sense then. She says that she is fighting for her granddaughter. he sayss that ishaani loves shaurya, and they should ask her opinion, and then they can alter if need be. He leaves. she thinks that the main problem is that ishaani loves shaurya, and once she is instigated against him, then she wont be stopped by her husband even to throw urmi and shaurya out of the room.

Scene 3:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Nupur is dancing to leering songs on the Tv, oblivious of everyone else’s presence. Asha is angry and then reprimands her when she doesnt pay attention. she says that she is here to teach her, while she asks her to postpone one more day. nupur gives her a stupid excuse, but asha doesnt relent, and makes her sit down. Nupur resigendly complies. Asha starts with the alphabets, while nupur keeps talking nonsense. Asha is strict and makes her study. but finally nupur gets her to her tunes, by bartering to teach her dancing while she makes her study. Nupur shuts the studies, and makes her dance. gaurav comes in and is highly embarassed to see this.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
In the hospital, while diya waits, shaurya asks thenurse how much longer it shall take. the nurse asks about the number, and shaurya says that they dont have one. The nurse cries out aloud, that she being a rape case, shall take sometime. She says that since there’s no urgency, they can wait. the nurse then hollers at the wardboy to get the room ready for rape test. the visitors start talking and commenting, while diya is mortified. The nurse tells them to go inside. As they pass, urmi tells the nurse that she could have said the same thing in hushed tones. She asks her to atleast think, what she must be going through, the nurse understands and ap;ologises, and asks them to wait inside. They all go inside.

When the doctor comes out after the test, Urmi asks how is she and she says that she is okay. She says that the condition is better and the necessary examinations are over. She asks why wasnt she brought in before, as the wounds are healing, and she has taken a bath, and changes her clothes, hence she wouldnt be able to get much evidence. urmi says that they know but she wasnt in a mental condition. the doctor emphasises how imp it is to gte the medical test done immediately, and get a report prepared rightaway, to strengthen their case, otherwise the case geos weak. urmi asks if there’s anything else that can help, in a scenario like this. The doctor says that the most important test against the criminals wont be successful now. Diya and urmi, along with shaurya are surprised and feel dejected. Shaurya asks if there’s any hope. the doctor says that there’s an idea. The doctor says that if they can retrieve the clothes that she was wearing at the time of the incident, then they might manage to get some evidence. Urmi asks diya where are those clothes. Diya is tensed as she tries to remember. urmi says that they shall try and look for it at home, but since much time has passed, maybe they have been misplaced. The doctor says that if thats so, then it shall be difficult to prove that she has been raped, particularly, when there’s no eyewitness even. All are tensed while diya is apalled. the screen freezes on urmi’s tensed face.

Precap: As diya’s family behaves hostile, Diya breaks down asking rather begging them to aloow her inside, as they are her family, and where else would she go. Her father says that she should have thought of that, before walking out hand in hand with someone, despite them telling her not to, and that now she should go and stay there itself. Diya screams distraught. They slam the door shut on her face. shaurya and urmi are angry but support diya. meanwhile, karan asks his mother to return their engagement ring, while taking off his own too, pointing that the one they gave was solid gold, and hence she should get it back. His mother is ashamed of his son’s callousness and indifference. Later, as urmi steps inside the house, while the entire family waits, Anirudh asks whats all this, thats being shown in the news. urmi turns around and anirudh follows his gaze, to find shaurya coming in with diya. They are shocked to see diya’s condition, while she stands with her head hung low, held by shaurya firmly. Anirudh is apalled.

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