Swaragini 27th July 2015 Written Episode

Evil Ragini comes to Swara and asks her to taste kheer made by her especially for her. Swara refuses to taste it citing she is fasting. Ragini laughs it off and asks since when she has started fasting. Swara says since when we have become like one another. Ragini tries to convince her. Swara says she can’t have since she is fasting. Ragini asks why did she kept the fast. Swara says she has kept the fast as she don’t want anything wrong to happen in her marriage. She tells that she is going to give water to neighbor. Ragini says she will give and goes to neighbor’s house. The neighbor opens the door and Ragini goes inside. Mohini of Sasural Simar Ka comes there.

Ragini sees Prem in that house. Mohini tells that nobody asked her question before and now you are asking me. Other Dayan says her daughter hates the persons asking questions. Sujata comes there and says I called you. Sujata says I don’t want this marriage to happen. Mohini asks for a thing related to the person. Ragini and Sujata give her Swara’s pic and thing. Ragini tells that she wants to get black magic done on her, but don’t want anything to happen to her. Mohini asks why you are doing all this then. She gets a call and they leave. Mohini attends the call.

Amar tells her that Prem is in Kolkata and says he is going there asking Mohini to take care. She tells her mum that Simar is coming to Kolkata. She looks at Swara’s pic and thinks she will deal with Prem after ending Ragini’s work. Sujata and Ragini come to the

marriage venue. Dadi sees them together. Sujata greets her. Ragini lies to Dadi that Sujata came to check on the arrangements. Dadi tells her that she doesn’t like them. Sujata talks to Sumi and says you might be having difficulty with the arrangements. Dadi says we will welcome baraat very grandly and asks her not to get tensed. Sujata tells Ragini that she is going. Evil, Psycho Ragini come to Mohini and gives her saree for the puja. Mohini asks if everyone will get scared seeing her black saree. Ragini says nobody will suspect her.

Mohini’s mum tells Mohini that Simar can come here. Simar tells Amar that they shall reach Prem before Dayan. Sanskar asks Sujata, what is this black magic. Sujata says you people can’t give drugs to Swara as she is fasting. She says black magic is the best option. She says Swara will do a mistake so that her marriage breaks.

Mohini starts doing the black magic, taking Swara’s dupatta and her pic for evil puja. Shekhar and his family welcome Durga Prasad and his family. Shekhar thanks Durga Prasad. Sujata says we didn’t break the marriage and acts. Durga Prasad tells Shekhar that Laksh completely trust on Swara. Swara comes and takes his blessings. Durga Prasad says he don’t have any doubt on his intentions. Sujata asks Ragini, if Mohini started her work. Mohini and her mum come to the puja area.

Mohini tells that she has done the puja and have to apply black tilak on Swara’s forehead to control her. She says she will make Swara do mistake. Sumi introduces Mohini as Manvi and tells she has come to stay with us for a day. Mohini greets everyone. Mohini looks at Sanskar surprisingly. Sanskar sees her and runs from there. Ragini asks what happened? Sanskar asks how can you be so superstitious? Ragini says I didn’t have any other option left. Mohini meets Laksh and asks if he is nervous? Laksh says he is not. Swara thanks Laksh for agreeing for marriage.

Laksh says he will not give any chance to anyone. Mohini thinks black eye can fall on anyone at anytime. Pandit ji gives aarti to everyone. Mohini offers to dance after puja. They dance on the song Dhol Baaje……….Ragini joins them and dance. Mohini whispers something in Ragini’s ears. Ragini pulls Swara for dancing. Mohini waits for action while everyone is busy dancing. She takes out black powder and is about to put on Swara’s forehead, but Sanskar pulls Swara towards him. Mohini misses the chance. Swara happily throws the color and sees smoke coming there. Mohini follows her. Swara comes to Mohini’s house and opens it. She is shocked to see the smoke and Prem inside it.

Swara calls Simar from Prem’s phone and informs her about Prem in someone’s captivity with tantrik things around him. Simar informs Swara about the woman to be Dayan. Swara is shocked.

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