Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 28th July 2015 Written Episode

Everyone is trying to wake Aaliya and the Principal tells the Manager that they will do it another time. Naviya makes Aaliya smell something and then she wakes up and when Manik asks her if she is okay she says that she wants to go home and so Harshad takes her home. Mukti says that she is going with Aaliy but Manik stops and tell Dhruv that he should go with her which he does. Mukti on this gets mad and asks Manik why he did not let her go and so Manik tells her that he does not trust Harshad and so will not let her go and holds her hand but after freeing her hand she leaves the room.
Nandhani brings the doctor but everyone is gone and only Manik is standing there who tells the doctor that the patient is okay and has gone home and ask him that he should go back.
Nandhani makes Manik eat stuffed Capsicum which he does not like and after eating it he makes funny faces and Nandhni seeing them laughs and even takes a selfie with him and Manik tries to romance with her but she stops him and cleans him up and after that Manik says that her aunt’s food made her recover so quickly and they should make Aaliya eat the same food. Then Nadhani asks if Aaliya is okay and Manik says that she is okay and Dhruv is there and Nandhani asks if they are back together and Mani says that they are Nandhani being surprised asks Manik if he asked Aaliya before he took this step and Aaliya may not want to see Dhruv Manik says tht they after their fight got back and so they should so gave some time to Aaliya and she will eventually get back with Dhruv. Nandhani says that their case was different and she knew that she loves him and they will get together.
Harshad is not letting Dhruv see Aaliya and suddenly Mukti comes with a doctor and after scolding them takes the doctor to Aaliya who after checking hr says that she is fine but Aaliya does not tell everything truthfully and hides that she has an eating dis order. the doctor then leaves after prescribing some tests and medicines and Harshad takes him to the door and says that he has been observing Aaliya and she has been acting strangely first she over eats and then she pukes. Then he asks if the doctor if she has an eating dis order and then the doctor says that there is nothing to worry about and they will know everything after the results.
Mukti see the stele scope of the doctor and asks Dhruv if h can take it but he says that he cannot because he has to go to the bathroom and then Mukti herself goes and overhears Harshad talking to Aryamn and when Harshad sees her he tells her that he has to go to get Aliya’s medicines and can she be here and he will also take the stele scope.Mukti fears that something is fishy and tells Dhruv to be at Aaliya’s side and she will go for her tests and leaves.
Manik asks who’s massage has she got and then Nandhani tells him that her aunt wants to go and check a flat that his uncle bought and then they both go and as they reach they look around and Nandhani see Aryaman upstairs and Manik wants to go there but she refuses. Aryaman plans to break some bones of Manik.

Precap: Manik finds something of Mukti and asks her if she was with Aaliya the whole time or did she go for some outing.

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