Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chandu asking commander to leave Sagarika, as she is Himanshu’s fiancee. He sends her away. He says Himanshu was very sharp, he never saved people’s mobile numbers, why would he write such imp password on common thing, this girl is not what she looks, we won’t get any info if we kill him, we have to know who is she and what she wants, if she is our enemy, who is behind her, we need to find out everything and then kill her.

Sooraj says Sandhya…. And is sleeping. Ved hugs her. Bhabho recalls Sooraj’s state and cries. Ved says Papa I m with you. She says Sooraj took responsibility of everyone from the age of 14 years and today he has become a responsibility, he has cooked from day and night on fire and woods, and today he is scared of fire. FB shows Bhabho putting water on Sooraj, and power goes. Emily lights lantern and Sooraj gets scared seeing it, recalling Sandhya’s last rites. He says Sandhya, my Sandhya and shouts. They all stop him, and he throws the lantern. Bhabho hugs Sooraj and says your Sandhya is fine, there is not fire here, everything is fine and calms him crying.

Current scene, Bhabho says Sooraj has set, her name was kept right by her parents, Sandhya… she has done sunset of my Sooraj. She has turned brave in everyone’s eyes, she died and took away everything, she has burnt my son’s dreams, confidence and happiness. FB shows doctor saying Sooraj has lost his mental balance, whenever he sees fire, he will recall giving fire to Sandhya, he has get any attack, so keep him away from fire. Meenakshi says he is halwai, he cooks, he is opening big hotel, how will he manage. The doctor says he has to change his work, this attacks on him is dangerous, he can go in coma too. He gives them injections to give him when he gets any panic attack. He asks them to be careful, as Sooraj’s mind will calm and he will get much pain in body, so give injection only when much needed. Bhabho asks will he get fine. The doctor says his mind is not accepting that Sandhya has died, it will be fine with time.

Current scene shows Bhabho crying and telling Babasa how Sandhya has cheated Sooraj, when he has made her dream fulfilled, she made it a joke of his dream, now Vedansh will never be made, she has taken our support, our son in our old age. Babasa says our Sooraj has taken our responsibility in 14 years of age, now its our time to take care of him, we have to see our Shravan son. Bhabho says its 3 months now and our family is like mourning, every family wants a son like Sooraj, and I m hiding him now, as I can’t bear anything if they make fun of my son.

She says Sooraj loved Sandhya, and he is still living with her after her death, and cries. She sees Ved taking care of Sooraj, and says Sandhya’s death has made a little son grown up before his age and made a responsible father as little kid. She cries seeing Ved and Sooraj.

Bhabho scolds Meenakshi and wants to know the truth. She keeps Vikram’s hand on her head, and he is about to say. Meenakshi starts cooking fake stories. Bhabho gets angry. Meenakshi says Sandhya did mistake, and you are not trusting us, we are also your children, trust us and cries. Bhabho leaves Vikram’s hand. Vikram signs Meenakshi. Bhabho sees it and leaves. Meenakshi gets relieved. He asks why did she lie. Meenakshi says Bhabho did not make me swear, its for someone’s good, so its not a lie. She asks him to talk to Bhabho, else she will not let money come, just think we will get money in 10 days. She convinces him and says she will manage as always. He says fine.

Sandhya is blindfolded and taken back to the village. Chandu sees the live feed and says you are very clever, but unknown that the game will be ours now, not yours, I will have an eye on you 24 by 7, I will find your truth. Sandhya thinks to find about Chandu soon. She sees a little boy crying, and sees him wounded. She covers his wound and scolds him, saying Ved. She gets sad. The boy talks to her.

Sandhya says Kaki is like mum too, have medicine at home. He asks her to teach him speak good English, as she studied in school. She says you have to work hard. He asks her to come and teach him. She thinks how is Ved, how would he live without me. She sees phones kept there and thinks to hear Ved’s voice once. Chandu thinks she is seeing the phone, whom would she call, Now her secret will be out.

Sooraj sees a girl at the temple and says Sandhya…. He goes after her. Bhabho and Emily try to stop him.

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