Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 28th July 2015 Written Episode

The show begins with aman getting furious with ragini for being so close to Neil when she should be close to aman as they are engaged. They have never had any close moments They are always discussing nachiket. Why was this ?? She cared for na hiket so much. More than she cared for Dr Aman ?? Had she really moved on ?? Was she still feeling for neil ??
Aman pulls her close into his arms
Ragini is shocked and disgusted
She struggles and aman frees herself. He asks her to think over it
She gets a scratch on her arm

Neil pam , Aman. Ragini, get together and send all the kids out making excuses
Neil,asks ragini about the scratch on ragini’s forearm
Spaman replies it was nothing as he had held her arm a bit strongly

Ragini wants to discuss the wedding preparations of RK and devika
Ragini goes to pam’s room and finds her depressed
She wants to talk to her about RK
Pam does not want to discuss RK with her , she shoos her out rudely
Ragininasks if she still loved RK ??
Pam asks did she not know ?? Their love ? Their feelings ??
Ragini says in fifteen years things changed. Relationships changed,
Pam taunts her and makes fun of ragini they have argument how ragini separated RK and pam, she was responsible for neil’s separation from ragini, for arav’s imprison ment, for nishi’s failed marriage. Pam accuses just because she was not happy in life , she could not see pam happy with RK so she did this to make pam unhappy

Pam says arav was the happiest as he was in jail as she was far away from ragini because she destroyed all those people who loved her. Pam says all the people who loved ragini would move away one by one. She would be left all alone
Ragini tries to explain that she did not know pam and RK still had feelings for one another, loved one another
Pam tells ragini that she is unable to tolerate ragini even for 5 mins , she drags ragini out of the room pushes her out. Shuts the door onher face even as reluctant ragini requests her to come down and share with others about feelings for RK and clear things out
Devika and RK and neil are there as ragini comes there
Ragini asks RK if he really wanted to marry devika ??
Devika gets furious and says this had already been discussed and RK had already decided !!
Ragini asks RK to say this himself
RK says yes he wanted to marry devika
Neil then says RK was taking this decision under pressure Neil reminds RK how he had asked neil not to marry nivedita whom he did not love ?? Not to marry one girl if he had feelings for another girl ?? How was he committing the same mistake himself ?? Did he not have any feelings for Pam ??
Devika is annoyed with Neil and asks why were they bringing pam now ??
This matter was talked over and done away with why was neil bringing his sister in now ??

Neil,asks RK to think it over , if he was ready to marry the one he had no feelings for and vear the burden of responsibility all his life and continue ti murture feelings for the one he did not marry ? What was he doing ??
Ragini accuses neil of pressurising RK
Neil asks ragini to stop and not interfere as he was talking to his friend

Ragini had confused RK and thats why he took a wrong decision
Ragini retorts RK was not a kid he could take his own decisions as neira get into a heated argument RK interrupts them and asks them to stop
He says this was his life. His marriage and he would decide

Precap for tomorrow
He declares he had decided to marry devika
He tells neil that his sister had arrived here and was doing cheap acts and creating trouble
Neil gets infuriated and starts bashing up RK , he throws RK against a pillar
RK gets hurt on his forehead as he hits a pillar

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