Sasuraal Simar Ka 29th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar comes home with prem, sujata does their arti. Sujata says thank GOd you are back prem. Sujata says are you okay? Prem nods and says i have a family like you. Rajhuinder says do you know who did this? Simar says before we could reach those women had ran. swara is ready to help us. Sujata says come in. They are all shocked to see mohini and sunanda there. Simar says you here? Mohini says you have favored us so much how could we leave you alone in this time. We came here back. I am really sorry this is all happening because of us. Whatever happened to prem we are responsible for it.If we didn’t come she wont have come here. So we are here to warn you about her next step. Simar says what? Roli says let me explain. Roli takes out a letter and gives it to simar, simar is dazed. It has a handmark on it. Khushi says its the same one, witch is here. Mata ji says calm down we have to come up with solution. Mata ji says read it simar. Simar reads today at 12 something will happen that no one has seen before.

Mohini opens the closet, they have roped thakurain in. Mohini says calm down, they think you ran from jail but you are our guest. I gave you so many pains i will heal you. She makes her sit on bed and fill an injection. mohini says now calm down, she gives her the injection and thakurain is tranquilized. mohini says her mind will be numb and she will do as i ask.
Simar and rest of the family is doing pooja. Pandit ji says i should leave now. Simar says mohini how is aunty now? mohini says she is better, resting. Mohini says where is prem? roli says we sent him to a safe place. Mohini says thats better i was worried what would that thakurain do. They hear somje clattering, when they go in hall thakurain has grasped Sunanda and she has put a dagger on sunanda’s neck. Cops come in and say leave her. Amar says leave her or cops wont leave you. Thakurain says give me prem or i will kill her. Sunanda says dont give her prem. inspector says you cant run from here. Thakurain says no one can stop me from taking prem here. Simar says this is wrong. Thakurain says you stopped my pooja, you came to save that girl who was not even yours. If i had sacrificed sanjana you wont be seeing this day.

Precap-Thakurain says i think you wanna save your prem, i will kill this old woman. simar says dont harm her i am bringing prem. Prem comes in.

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