Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Parmeet taunting Raman to stay in Iyer house. He provokes him and Ishita calms Raman. Parmeet says I won’t let Ananya stay with you. Raman says I don’t have so much money. Ishita says Raman started new business, he would have given money for Ananya, but 15 crores is big amount. Parmeet says fine, give 14.9 crores. Raman gets angry and says he will throw 15 crores on his face. Parmeet smiles and leaves. Ishita asks how will we arrange it. Raman says its about Simmi and Ananya, we will give money kept for Mihir too, Mihir will understand.

The people come to Bala and ask for the advance back, as Bala is not training their kids well. Vandu asks whats the problem, he is good teacher. Bala says I understand the problem, give me some time. The man says Bala said he will train them on computers, and he is not doing so, we will not send our children there. Bala says we are trying to solve the technical problem. They ask for their money.

Romi comes and says its not Bala’s mistake, the shop gave him faulty computers, I will repair the computers, give me 2-3 days, he is honest and true man, and good teacher, I was his student too, please. They agree and leave. Bala thanks Romi for help. Romi says no need to thank, you taught me everything, tell me address, I will repair computers. Romi leaves. Vandu says I think he is annoyed because of fight with Raman, but pay him for his work.

Raman pays 15 crores to Parmeet and takes his sign on legal papers. Parmeet says Ananya is totally yours now and leaves. Ishita comes to Raman and asks did he sign. Raman says yes, now he can’t do anything, promise me you won’t tell this at home. She says its big thing. He says dad will say it was not needed, he won’t agree, let them misunderstand me, you won’t tell them. She says fine, but you trust me, I assure everything will be fine, they will understand you are strength of family and accept you. He gets sad… yeh hai mohabbatein………plays……..

Rinki comes angry and tells Mrs. Bhalla that Raman spoke big things and said company will give advance for Mihir’s flat, and he did not help him, I got to know that Raman transferred money to someone else, I will not forgive him, this is so insulting. Mrs. Bhalla thinks Ishita said she spoke to Raman and arranged money, what did this happen. She asks her to sit, and she will get lassi. Rinki says I said Mihir not to trust Raman blindly, I will never forgive Raman.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita why did Raman back off, how can this happen, whats the matter. Ishita stays speechless. Mrs. Bhalla asks is this any game of hers. Ishita says sorry, I can’t say anything and goes. Vandu says Ishita is not such, there is something. Mrs. Bhalla says I know, else she can’t be silent like this, you help me, I m worried, Rinki will make a big issue.

Vandu comes to Ishita and asks her why is she making Mrs. Bhalla worried, she got unwell by stress already, just clear it out. Ishita says she can’t say. Vandu says you know who will b responsible if anything happens to Mrs. Bhalla, and goes. Ishita says Raman has put me in this, how to tell mummy ji. Ruhi comes and asks for some book. Ishita says we will play a game, She asks Ruhi to sit and asks few questions.

She asks whats the thing we eat and it does not fill our stomach. Ruhi says its tough. Ishita sends her to ask Mrs. Bhalla and hopes she will understand. Ruhi goes to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to answer her riddle, and says Ishita has sent her to ask. Mrs. Bhalla thinks of it, and says promise. She thinks whats Ishita wants to say, she has sent Ruhi to me. Ruhi comes again and says your answer was right, you are clever.

She says Ishita gave another riddle, which is the safe/trunk where treasure is not hidden. Mrs. Bhalla thinks and says daughter. She thinks there is some secret, and we have two daughters here, Ananya and Ruhi. Ruhi comes again and asks about the wheel which does not fit to the vehicle. Mrs. Bhalla says Paramveer Chakra. Ruhi thanks her calling her genius and hugs her. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla thinks is it something related to Param and Ananya, now I understand it means Param is back, and wants to take Ananya, and asked for money instead Ananya, Raman and Ishita are stopping Parmeet. She says she has to talk to Ishita.

Ashok and Parmeet are on the way. Parmeet laughs saying he just scared Pathak and made him hear that this time I will take Ananya, and Pathak told Raman, and Raman paid me 15 crores, he did not know I won’t take Ananya. Ashok says Raman did not pay for Rinki’s flat, and now he is weak financially and family will also go against him. They laugh.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Ishita and asks her not to break her promise to Raman and just win or sign to tell her. She asks about Parmeet. Ishita winks. Mrs. Bhalla asks does he want Ananya’s custody, so he asked much money from Raman. Ishita blinks. Mrs. Bhalla says so Raman has given that money to Parmeet, and did not pay for Rinki’s flat, Raman did good to save Ananya, and thanks Lord. She says I have beaten Raman, and he has saved Ananya and Simmi, you are great you did not say anything after I scolded you, how to thank you and Raman. Ishita says you are my mum, no sorry and thanks, I m afraid will everything be fine. Mrs. Bhalla says real fight is going to start now, be strong and hugs her.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to deposit rent cheque in society, of 60000rs, its fine, we will eat less but not ask Raman’s help. Romi is shocked by amount and agrees.

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