Jamai Raja 29th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Misha telling Sid that Roshni doesn’t love him and says she really loves him. She says she has tried to get him since many years. Roshni tells Misha that DD was right about her. She asks her to shoot her if she thinks she will get Sid after her death. She asks her to shoot at her. Sid asks what is wrong with you. Simran gets tensed thinking what will happen and tries to stop Roshni from provoking Misha to shoot at her. Misha loads the gun to shoot Roshni while everyone looks on tensedly. Finally! Misha shoots at Roshni on her stomach. Everyone gets tensed seeing Roshni injured. Sid panics. Everyone cries. Misha asks everyone to keep phone down and says nobody shall move from here. She says she wants to see Roshni dying infront of her eyes. Sid tells Roshni that she can’t leave him.

Misha acts madly and tells you should have listened to your mum. She tells your dad too didn’t listen to me. She says she held her parents captive, then why can’t Shiv. She says she killed Shiv because of Roshni. Roshni is in extreme pain hearing her father’s murder by Misha. Misha tells her that she will send DD also after she dies. She says she will kill everyone, and marry Sid for forever. Sid says it will never happen. Everyone looks on. Roshni shows the bullet in her hands and it is shown she was prepared for the attack. Misha gets shocked seeing Roshni safe and fine, without any bullet injury. Beeji, Nani and everyone are happy seeing Roshni fine.

Sid tells game is over and thanks Misha for confessing the crime. Misha tells this can’t happen and shoots again. Sid says shocked! this bullet and blood is all fake. He calls the Inspector to arrest Misha. Sid tells that there is nothing to left now after she confessed her crime. He tells Misha don’t deserve to be his friend also, and says he will never marry her in any of the births. Everyone looks on. Misha starts acting and says they are lying. Simran slaps her and says I didn’t expect this from you. Raj says nobody will believe your kind of people. Roshni says they have laid a trap against her to expose her. She says it is all game plan.

A flashback is shown, where in Roshni comes to Sid. Sid shows her papers of Misha’s medical report. Sid plays Shiv’s recording asking DD to save Roshni from mad girl. Roshni tells Mom was right. Sid says don’t know how to come out of this mess? Roshni shares plan with Sid, which is muted for the audience. FB ends.

Sid says I couldn’t believe at first as you were my best friend. He says Roshni convinced me for this play. I knew that you are very clever and have to accept the crime. Sid says this was our idea to expose Misha. He asks the Inspector to take her from there. Misha says I love you Sid, you can’t do this with me. The Police takes her away. Sid and Roshni hug each other. Everyone looks on happily. DD looks on.

Next morning Roshni wakes up and gets Sid’s call. Sid tells her that he vacated his cupboard for her and asks her to come soon. Roshni says yes, I can’t wait any longer and we will make a new start, but without Papa. She says he would be happy seeing us happy. Sid says he would have wished for our union, and asks her to remember him with a smile. Roshni says my mom also says the same. Sid says our thinking is same, but not nature. Roshni asks him to shut up. Sid asks her to come soon. Beeji asks Sid to go somewhere. Roshni asks what she is talking about? Sid says nothing and disconnects the call. Roshni thinks Sid is weird to talk romantically at one point and disconnecting call at the other moment.

Beeji and family come to DD’s house to ask for Roshni’s hand in marriage for Sid. Nani permits happily and says you can take Roshni. DD comes and says she can’t let Roshni marry Sid. She takes out gun and points at Sid, shocking everyone.

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