Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chandu thinking now her secret will be out. She walks past the phone and he thinks where is she going. She goes to small temple there and prays for Sooraj, Ved and family. She thinks she has to do duty towards country and cries. Chandu comes there. He prays and sees her crying. He asks what happened. She says she has just tears in her life, she lost her dad, and now she is taken for questioning by Garjana anytime, she does not understand how was Himanshu related to them. He says I don’t know about them, if you are true, you will be free, have faith.

He says if she roams in same clothes, they will think she is here to work in plays, and takes her to buy some clothes for her. She says you are really good and goes with him. Ved comes to Sooraj and hears him taking Sandhya’s name. He recalls Sandhya’s words to take care of Sooraj. Ved brings Sandhya’s blanket. Emily comes and asks what is he doing. Ved says he is covering Sooraj with Sandhya’s blanket, so that he feels close to her. Emily helps Ved. Ved cries and asks do you think Sandhya is selfish and did not care for anyone of us, did she not love me and Papa. Emily hugs him and asks who said this?

She says your mum is world’s best mum, she loved you and Sooraj a lot, she was an ideal woman, she used to solve all problems at home. She pacifies him. He thanks her for saying good about Sandhya, he is glad, Sooraj loves Sandhya a lot.

Chandu takes Sandhya to some shop and shows some sarees. He asks her to buy what she likes. He shows her in the metal box lid and asks her to see if its nice. He says she looks good, and she gets sad recalling Sooraj. He asks what happened. She says she recalled someone. He asks her to pay for this favor on time. Sandhya comes to Manjari. Manjari sees the saree and asks is this hers, who got it. She throws it. Yashoda looks on. Manjari scolds her and Yashoda interrupts to defend Sagarika. Chandu comes there and looks on.

Manjari asks Sagarika did her parents not give her sense. Manjari breaks the water pot and Yashoda holds her head. Manjari asks Sandhya to clean the floor and throws the cloth on her face. Yashoda tells Chandu that Manjari will make this girl’s life hell, why is she staying here, she should run. Sandhya hears them. Chandu thinks why is she staying here, she should run, else its something fishy and he has to get her truth out.

Sooraj comes to his room and imagines Sandhya. He shows her the sindoor box and says he can’t bear that he breaks any promise, so he has got this, so that he does not annoy her. They laugh. Bhabho and Babasa come there and see him talking alone. Sooraj applies sindoor in air and smiles. Babasa says he is in shock, how will you remove Sandhya from his mind, she is still in his heart, Sooraj can’t be happy, if you pressurize, he will shatter, what will you do now. Bhabho gets teary eyed and looks on.

Sandhya gets ready and sees her maang. Chandu comes to her and asks for Manjari. She says she is not here. He says yes, she has gone out to sell the jaggery, its best time to run away, where is your items. She says don’t pack my bag. He says you did not marry Himanshu, why to stay here then. She thinks she worked hard to reach here. He looks at her and gives her some money. She thinks what to do. He thinks if she refuses to go, it means she has some motive, and her game will be over.

Sooraj asks Bhabho to take him to temple, he wishes to visit today. She says fine, if this is your wish, go and change clothes. Babasa asks why is she taking him, he got attack yesterday. She says nothing will happen, I can take him to temple, I will do all the work which gives him happiness, I feel I will some solution of our problem today in the temple. Sandhya takes the money from Chandu. He gives her number of his uncle, he will get some job for her, and asks her to hurry up and leave. She asks can she really go. He says yes, and takes her. She says her one mistake can make mission fail.

Lalima is shown at the temple. Sooraj thinks she is Sandhya and runs after her.

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