Kumkum Bhagya 29th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pragya crying and blaming herself as Dadi read the report. Abhi says you did a mistake, but it was for good. He says he will win Dadi’s trust and love, but he needs to serve his punishment for this. He asks her to stay at home for him. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays…………..Abhi packs his bag while Pragya looks on tensed.

Sarla calls Bulbul asking her to come soon. Jhanki asks what to cook in the evening? Sarla looks on tensedly. Beeji asks what happened? Sarla says nothing. She says she is feeling as if something bad has happened or something wrong will happen. She asks all will be good naa. Beeji says there is something wrong with your mind. She says she will call Pragya and get her scolded by her. Sarla asks her not to call Pragya and says she is smiling. Beeji asks her to inform Jhanki about the things to prepare for dinner.

Pragya asks Abhi to think again, as others will be hurt seeing him being punished. Abhi keeps his hand on her mouth and says he can’t do this. Hamari Adhuri plays……Pragya stops him and says she will convince Dadi to stop his punishment. Abhi stares her emotional. Pragya looks at him with longing eyes.

Dadi cries and says happiness is going far from her home. She says it is my mistake, I didn’t take care of Abhi. Pragya comes requesting Dadi not to throw Abhi out of house. She asks her to stop Abhi from going out. She says when Abhi was throwing Aaliya out, you said she is daughter of this house. She says Abhi is son of this house, so please don’t let him go. Dadi says my decision is final and asks Pragya to go as well if she wants to. Pragya asks how can you be so stone hearted. She says you forgave his mistakes all the way long, then why can’t today. Abhi tries to enter the room, but Dadi stops him and says he don’t deserve this right.

Abhi keeps his bag and apologizes to Taya ji and Tayi ji. Taya ji hugs him and says you are a good son. Akash hugs him. Abhi says I was your idol, but. Akash says you are my idol always, irrespective of Dadi’s thinking. Abhi asks Mitali to give love to Bunty and Babli, and says he couldn’t become good chacha. Mitali says you are good chacha. Abhi says I don’t deserve love of you all and should get big punishment than this. He asks everyone to take care of Dadi. He says he will never forgive himself if Dadi doesn’t take care of herself. Taya ji says Dadi’s anger will go in some days and then they will stay together. Abhi says I will leave and starts walking towards the door.

Abhi talks to Aaliya and says he couldn’t become good at relations. He says he became rockstar, but failed in every relation. He says he has fallen in everyone eyes and don’t have any right to punish her. He says I know you will not forgive me and you shouldn’t. He starts walking again, but Pragya calls him to stop. She runs to him and hugs from back. Abhi closes his eyes while Pragya cries badly. Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai plays…………..Abhi turns and hugs her cryingly.

Dasi comes and looks at them. Abhi separates the hug and looks at her. Pragya tries to speak up, but he puts finger on his mouth. Pragya looks on emotionally and cries. Abhi picks his bag and leaves. Pragya sits down shockingly and devastated. Dadi comes, sees him leaving and goes to her room.

Abhi is walking on the road and recalls his moments with Dadi. A flashback is shown, Abhi surprises Dadi and takes her to their home. Dadi asks if this is studio? Abhi says he has brought new big house for her. He asks are you happy Dadi? He gives her keys and says you are owner of this house. Dadi says you are owner. Abhi says you are my everything and gives her keys asking him to throw him of he does any mistake. Dadi says she will never let him go far from her. FB ends. Abhi sits down tensedly.

Aaliya meets someone to execute her plan. He says he will wrong route. Tanu meets Abhi and badmouths about Dadi. Abhi couldn’t hear against Dadi and shouts at Tanu.

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