Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th July 2015 Written Episode

Harshad asks Aryaman for a plan after reaching the flat and as soon as he goes up Mukti sneeks up from behind and after hearing Harshad she feels that something is wrong. Nandhani gets massage from aryaman and Manik asks her who is texting her from time to time and then she takes to a place where Aryaman text her and Nandhani gets a signal from Aryaman and she makes an excuse ad leaves .
Harshad sees Aryaman and thinks that he should wait for aryaman but Manik sees him and they talk angerly with eachother.
Nviya is sitting with Aaliya and showing her a lot of different things that she prepared for her but she after seeing a sauce makes a face and then Naviya first takes a sip fist to show her.
Mukticomes and touches dhruv from the behind and then he tells her all that has happened and and after hearing Mukti also feels touched and then goes inside.
Manik asks Nandhani that what was going on and they have to find who threw the barrel and does not listen to Nandhani even when she tries to stop him.
Manik tells her that it was aryaman but she refuses even though she tries to convince him that it was an accident but he says that it was Aryaman and he will search for something that will led to Aryaman. Nandhani thinks if Manik finds anything she will be in trouble and she says to Manik that she is okay and he is okay and they should give up but he gets angry and says to not cover Aryman and let him do it his way then he finds something and thinks why Mukti came here and did she come here.
Nandhani says that she has to go home then Manik picks her up and when Nandhani asks him what she found he tells her that he will not tell her and they will go now.
Mukti asks Aaliya and says that she will help her and she has to take the medicines. Mnik comes and asks what is she up to and was she here or somewhere else.
Nandhani shouts at Aryaman that why did he attacked Manik even when they had a deal at first he denies but thenadmits that it would not be that much all Manik would have would be a few broken bones.
Nandhni that they had a deal that he would not touch Manik and she would prove that he is innocent but Aryaman says that he is not innocent and brings a picture of Soha and sys he found it from Manik bedroom. Nandhani says that Soha was unstable and Aryaman gets angry . Nandhani says that she would not pair up with him for treasure hunt or anything and warns him to keep away from Manik

Precap:Manik asks Mukti why was she so comfortable for going to HArshad’s house then he shows her the piece she had…

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