Swaragini 29th July 2015 Written Episode

Swara asks Sanskar, so you was doing all this? Sanskar accepts to have done all. Swara threatens to tell his truth to everyone if he doesn’t tell her about the reason behind the conspiracy. Sanskar tells her that he hates Laksh and Durga Prasad, and wants to ruin them in business and home. Swara asks why did you spoiled my image in all this? Sanskar says because you are Laksh’s love, who had snatched my love. Swara says Laksh loves you very much. Why he would do such a thing. Sanskar tells that he was in love with Kavita, a bengali girl, but Durga Prasad didn’t agree. He tried to convince them, but in vain. He says he was meeting her secretly, and was about to marry. He says I shared my secret with Laksh and he informed Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad sent goons to temple and they killed Kavita. He asks can you bring Kavita back. He says nobody can feel the pain which he have felt.

Swara gets teary eyed. Sanskar says after Kavita’s death, I was dead in everyone’s eyes, but I couldn’t die and wanted revenge. He tells Swara that he wanted revenge and not her sympathy. Swara asks did you talk to Laksh and asks why did he do this? Sanskar says no. Swara says you would have talked to him. She says are you sure that it is done by Durga Prasad? Did you see him? Sanskar says you can’t confuse me. Swara asks why did you stop Mohini from killing me? As there is still goodness in you.

She asks him not to turn his face from truth. She says if your Kavita will come back if he takes revenge from Durga Prasad, Laksh or her. She says if Kavita would have felt good seeing his revengeful life. She says Laksh was teary eyed when he saw him for the first time. She says Durga Prasad is a changed man now, and has accepted her, a bengali girl. She says you will not be happy with this guilt and asks him to live life with positivity. She says Kavita will be happy if he stays happily with family. Sanskar asks Swara, will you tell my truth to everyone. Swara says no, and says because your pain is the punishment. She asks him to see the truth and take a right decision.

It seems Sanskar reforms with him and repents. He tells Sujata that Swara knows everything now. Sujata tells that she sent Dayan to kill Swara and asks why did you stop her. Sanskar says he is a human and not a murderer. Sujata says you would get peace with this revenge. Sanskar says he can’t take revenge this way. Sujata asks what we shall do now, to stop this wedding. Sanskar says he will not do anything, and says this marriage will happen. I have to be free from his revengeful life.

Sanskar meets Ragini later. Ragini asks why you are feeling guilty today. Sanskar says whatever we have done is in partnership. He says Swara forgave me, after whatever we have done. Ragini says I did so much to get my love, and now I can’t back off. He asks her to free herself from love and hatredness. He says he will tell his truth to everyone, but he will not take her name. He asks her to promise that she will not do any thing wrong. He says tomorrow in the morning is the wedding, and asks her to let Laksh and Swara unite. Psycho Ragini looks on with teary eyes.

Shekhar and everyone are busy with the arrangements. Swara wakes up and thinks to help with the arrangements. Sanskar calls Swara and apologizes for troubling and giving her pain. He thanks her for not revealing his truth to everyone. He promises to reform himself, and offers his help whenever she needs him. Swara gives best wishes. Sanskar says Lucky is really Lucky as you are becoming his life partner. Swara prays to Durga Maa for her marriage.

Psycho Ragini thinks about her moments with Laksh. Yeh Mooh Mooh Ke Dhage Plays………….She is still living in past and couldn’t set her mind off Laksh. She recalls Laksh fighting with the goons for her in the pub. She comes to room and sees Swara sleeping while it is dark. She holds Swara’s ring and recalls in a flashback. She thinks she will take her life back or she will sacrifice her life.

Ragini and Swara are on bridge. Ragini tells Swara that you are going to marry Laksh, to whom I was about to marry. She emotionally blackmails Swara and tells her that she can’t live without Laksh. She accepts to have been with Sanskar in the conspiracy. Swara gets shocked. Ragini apologizes to her and pushes Swara from the bridge in the river. Swara gets drowned. Ragini looks on victorious ( mad Rags should go to Jail).

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