Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 29th July 2015 Written Episode

DB is looking at the sand timer when Jagmal comes begging to her to save him. I don’t want to go with Dada bhai and father. You dint even send that letter to Akbar. I don’t want to die. She reminds him that it is the most proud thing for a Rajput to die for his motherland. Jagmal points out that he isn’t Pratap. I only see death and fear. I don’t see anything to be proud in it. DB declines to help him. Rana ji has taken a decision and I am sure it must be the right one. DB hopes that her letter reaches its destination soon.

The soldier (DB’s messenger) reaches a village. He reaches the place where Jaiwanta Bai is giving a sermon to people. He hands over the message to the priest who in turn gives it to her. Jaiwanta Bai (JB) reads the letter.

Pratap is getting ready. He asks Ajabde if they both are ready for this. She nods though is in tears. He tells her to take care of herself. You have to play my role too once I am gone. She hugs him. He wipes her tears. I am an ordinary commander but you are very brave. She says I had no other option as I am your wife. He sweetly nods and they both hug again. Amar comes there. He wants to talk to his mother over an important matter. Pratap leaves. AMar too wants to go in Akbar’s marriage. I want to attack on him as and when I get a chance.

DB tries to stop US as he was not healthy a while ago. He talks about his responsibilities as a true Rajput. Pratap thanks Ram Singh (the same villager informer) for all his help. I cannot allow you to be a part of this plan though. Ram Singh is in no mood to step back. All the other villagers too are eager to join him. Pratap agrees. He gives them Amer’s fort’s layout. This is where the wedding will happen. He tells them everything.

Ajabde tells Amar against it. This isn’t your age to fight. Amar reasons that his father too had fought with Afghans at a similar age. Amar requests her. Ajabde asks him who will take care of her in that case. He replies that she is strong and brave enough to take care of herself. Ajabde stays put.

Jagmal comes to taunt his mother once again for pushing him into this problem. I am going to become a scapegoat now. DB is really tensed.

Pratap sends Ram Singh and all the others. Amar tries to join them but Pratap knew about his plan all along. You cannot go with them. You are a kid. Ajabde too tells him against it. Why dint you listen to me? Pratap explains to Amar that he cannot go anywhere. Remove your armour and stay with your mother. Amar insists. Pratap reminds him of the first rule of war – you must listen to your commander. Amar does it reluctantly. Pratap tells him the second rule too – send your father happily. Amar hugs him. Pratap smiles. I am very proud of you. You will know when it is the right time and get ready for everything.

The royal family is in the temple. US swears on all the martyr’s names. We will take revenge from Akbar. Pratap and Jagmal shout in unison. US asks DB to do the tilak. DB hopes Jija will reach on time. She picks up the puja thaal. Her hands are shaking. I wont be able to do it. I know I am standing before the bravest man of the world but I also know that it is impossible to win in this situation. Pratap says it is a thing of respect to die for their goal. Do it. JB surprises them all. You are right. Everyone is stunned to see her after all these years. They all think of the time that they have spent with her. JB folds her hands before the Kuldevi idol. She touches US’s feet but he stands rooted to his place all quiet. DB hugs her followed by Ajabde. Amar keeps peeking at her cutely. US keeps staring at her blankly. I had never thought even in my dreams that I will be able to see you again in this birth. She replies that she became an ascetic but one part of her always prayed for their safety and thought of them. She looks at her son. Wont you touch your mother’s feet? Jagmal seeks her blessings. Pratap stands there with tears in his eyes. He touches his mother’s feet next and folds his hands. He points out at Amar. JB knows about him already. Amar recognizes her. You are my biggest Rani Ma. She gladly hugs him. Pratap tells his Rani Ma that he was leaving for a very important mission. US adds that they will lose if they delay it anymore. Do our tilak and let us go. JB asks them what if she tells them that her coming here was an attempt to stop them. DB tells everyone that she had written a letter to JIja to call her here. I wanted her to come here and show us a right path. I still believe that everyone in Mewar thinks of her to be their real Rani. Her decision will be right. JB says I think whatever is left of Mewar (the kids, citizens) should not go on this mission as it can be dangerous for them.

Precap: Amar asks his mother why his father is unhappy since the time Badi Rani has come back. Pratap questions his Rani Ma what mistake he had made that his Rani Ma was not with him at all the important points of life (marriage, war, etc.)!


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