Manmarziyan 29th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika hiding and hearing Nandini telling Rana to keep Radhika away from marriage. Rana says he will keep full security. She says just Samrat should now meet Radhika, else he will join her against us, things should happen before he comes. She sends Arjun. Rana asks when will they come from Kamatya Devi. She says Arjun and I will come back, not Sam, Sam will never come back to Mumbai, you do your work. Radhika hides and Nandini comes in the same room to check some papers. Her phone rings and she smiles. She talks to Samrat.

Samrat says I m back. She says glad to hear you. He says stop this nonsense, your game will not go long, I came to know everything. She asks can you imagine, Radhika can do this, it feels bad when someone breaks our trust. He asks did she say right, did you get her shop burnt. She says you would believe so, if I had to burn something, I would have burnt birdsong, trust me. He says he will trust after meeting Radhika, once he knows the truth. She says years passes to know the truth, you can try, I have to get my brother married, so I will see you tonight at your daughter and my brother’s wedding. She ends the call. Radhika hides in washroom. Her phone rings and she turns. It falls in water bucket.

She comes out and sees Nandini gone. She thinks the door is locked from inside, where did Nandini go. She takes her phone and sees Nandini leaving from the room. She thinks she was not here, from where did she come. Nandini leaves with Rana. Radhika checks the room. She gets some secret passage in the cupboard and goes inside to see a room, decorated beautifully. She gets a diary and reads it. She gets shocked seeing Nandini and Samrat’s pic and reads their story. Nandini writes Samrat gave her the ring and this story started, her heart got shattered and just Arjun is her support. She sees Sam and Arjun’s pics. She moves the flowers off the bed and sees Sam’s pic. She gets shocked. Nandini comes there and Radhika gets tensed. Nandini says great Radhika, you are really a stone of the way, you followed me and came here. She shuts the door.

She says tell me how did you like my masterpiece. Radhika says you… Nandini says yes, I m infront of you, you are not dreaming. Radhika says Samaira… are you going to kill Sam. Nandini says yes, I will kill her, are you feeling bad. Radhika asks why are you doing this. Nandini asks her to see all this and think, use your mind. Radhika says you are doing this because of your and Samrat’s relation. Nandini says my detective, very good. Radhika asks does Arjun know this. Nandini asks he to think well, and tells her Arjun and Sam met, then he got job in birdsong, they fell in love and marrying soon, Arjun knows everything, this is his planning.

Radhika asks does Arjun want to kill Sam. Nandini says yes. Radhika says no, he is not such a bad man. Nandini says people are not bad, situation is bad, see you are so sweet, and bad will happen with you, think of the lonely room, if anyone leaves you in this secret room, no on will find you, what will happen then…..your Sam will also not be able to find or save you. She hits Radhika.

Mala cries and prays. Ankush asks her to come now. Mala says Radhika can’t support wrong, I trust my upbringing. Ankush says she has decided, its no use to stay here. Dilip says its our work to be with her, and comes to support Radhika. Ankush says Radhika took her decision. Dilip says we have to support her in all problems. Ankush says she made the problems for her. Dilip says you did not understand your sister, she can take other’s problems on her head, not let her father’s head bow down, she has some truth in her words.

Radhika faints. Rana calls Nandini and says Radhika won’t go anywhere. Radhika gets conscious. Rana says till she gets conscious, Arjun and Sam will be married. He leaves. She holds her head and gets up. She recalls Nandini’s words. She thinks to leave from here doing anything. Samrat welcomes the baraat. Piyali does Arjun’s tilak and aarti. Nandini talks to Samrat and asks did his doubts get cleared. He says till he talks to Radhika, no doubt will be cleared. She says then we have to wait for Radhika, its imp to clear his doubt. Radhika sees a window and thinks no one can stop her from making Nandini’s truth reach Sam.

Samrat shouts Arjun and asks whats this happening. Everyone see Arjun and Radhika in an odd situation and get shocked.

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