Sasuraal Simar Ka 30th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar says enough how can you think about killing a small girl. Thakurain says just like i killed her husband, I wanted to kill them then i thought i should prove them witches instead. Give me prem or she will be dead. Mohini says please leave my mom. Thakurain says i think you want to save prem. then say goodbye to this old woman. simar says no dont harm her, I am bringing prem. Everyone is dazed. Thakurain says no cleverness. Simar goes to temple and says I am so scared God but i know you will help me just like you gave me strength to face this. Please protect them both. Simar goes to a red door room. Prem says dont worry we will face it together.

Sid says you are not getting anyuthing by doing this, roli goes on other side and picks a vase, mohini says these sisters are never going to back off. Mohini says roli please dont risk your life for my mom. Thakurain says where is prem? Prem comes and says here i am. She says come here in front of me. Sujata says please stop prem. Sujata says we wont harm you please leave my son. Thakurain says no smartness come here. Prem says she cant do anything. I wont let anything happen. Prem says i am here now leave her.

Roli goes to attack thakurain, Mohini trips her and says roli watch out, thakurain turns back and grasps mohini. She says i will kill you. Inspector says leave her or we will shoot. Roli hits thakurain with vase on her head. Thakurain falls on the floor. Inspector checks her and says she is dead. Everyone is shocked, roli goes upstairs in bewilderment. She says what have I done God, i killed her. simar comes upstairs and says roli dont cry. Roli says i killed her i did this sin. Simar says you didn’t do anything, its not a sin. mohini says you thought prem’s life is in danger but roli was my target. My game will start now.

Pari comes in and says roli come sid is fighting with the inspector. Sid says how can you even think about arresting roli. You know roli did this to save Mohini, you could shoot too. Thakurain was about to kill her. Inspector says but this is a murder in law i will be a witness in court too. Sid says i will not let you arrest. Roli says please calm down sid. Sid says go upstairs i am talking. Prem gets a call from lawyer, he says let roli go with cops or the case with aggravate. Roli says let me go sid, i know you will bring me back. Simar hugs her and says dont worry we will reach there soon. Roli says i am ready to go inspector, he says thank you for coordinating. sid holds roli’s hand. Roli hug him.
Sid says nothing will happen to you, she says i know. She takes her hand and goes with police. Mata ji says God will protect you. Prem, says me amar and sid are going to police station as well. Sunanda says to mohini first step is done right, now do the second. Mohini says on 12 at night.

Mohini comes to police station and says this is food i brought for roli. He allows her. Mohini says no one stop me from accomplishing my mission now. She sees roli and says i am so happy to see you like this.

Precap-Inspector gets a call mohini mixzes something in the food.

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