Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman to go home, everyone is waiting for him, and let Romi and Sarika think anything. Raman goes there with some toys and gifts. He smiles seeing Ananya. Sarika brings Rohit and tells Mr. Bhalla to see him, she will just come. Raman stands and looks on. Ishita asks him to go inside. Mr. Bhalla sees him and does not say anything. Raman thinks how to go when dad is not calling. Mr. Bhalla wishes Raman comes to them. Mrs. Bhalla thinks Mr. Bhalla wants Raman to come and he won’t call him. Raman says no use, no one wishes me to come here, and leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla why did he not call Raman. Mr. Bhalla says why should I, did I ask him to go, its his house, does he need invitation. Ishita says the same to Raman, and asks him to go and hug dad, give toys to kids, atleast for Ananya and Rohit. Raman says just for kids. She says fine, go. Raman goes again. Simmi sees him and asks him to come inside. She takes him and asks what did he get. Raman gives toys to Ananya and sees Mr. Bhalla. He gives toys to Sarika and asks her to give Rohit or throw it. Sarika says its nice toys, Rohit will surely play with these.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to arrange all the dishes on table, family will eat together. A lady comes and says there was society meeting today, and they have to pay rent before 5th. Raman says I will pay. Romi comes there. Ishita thanks the lady and says you did this, it was imp for us, mummy ji will manage from here. Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman why will he pay, Romi will pay now, he earns now. Romi says yes. Mrs. Bhalla acts and asks Raman to keep his money. Romi says we will pay, why not, we don’t want Raman’s money.

Simmi asks Raman to come for dinner. Raman annoyingly leaves. Mrs. Bhalla feels sorry for him. Ishita sees Raman upset and asks him what happened. Raman asks am I so bad, if I wish to do anything, they feel I m showing off. She says maybe mummy ji wants Romi to become responsible. Raman says what should I tell Mihir, I feel I don’t have anything. She says we have family, money can come again. They decide to work hard and earn.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Ishita and says no one doubted about society lady, and its good Romi was there. She asks her to see Raman, and she wants to make everyone realize Raman’s importance. Romi asks Sarika why did she accept toys from Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to give rent of 60000rs, and Romi gets shocked. She says Raman used to give before. He says bits big amount. She says yes, but its good society and five room flat, I know you will manage. She says she will spend money as he says, but not bend to Raman.

Romi gets confused and says so many bills, and realizes his mistake. He thinks how to manage money now. Mrs. Bhalla says now Romi will understand its easy to call anyone irresponsible and becoming responsible is tough, I know Ishita and my plan will work, we will change our family’s mindset. Romi repairs the computers and talks to Bala. He says you got computers from my friend, he has assembled computers.

Jhakad comes there and asks for tuition fee refund. Bala says problem is solved. Jhakad says you did not know the fault, its good Romi showed you, what will you teach them. Bala says fine, I will return money. Jhakad asks Romi will he work for him, his offer will be beneficial, salary would be good. Romi recalls Mrs. Bhalla’s words and says I will happily work. Jhakad gives his card and asks him to come to his office. He leaves. Bala says congrats Romi for this new job, thanks for computer repair.

He asks why was he upset with Raman, Ishita and him that day. Romi says leave it, and goes. Bala hopes everything resolves soon. Ishita talks to her patient and his mum. The lady advises her to open her own clinic and says her husband is builder, and tells her. Ishita thinks Mihir booked his flat there. She tells her and the lady says my husband will give you good discount.

Rinki talks to the builder and says my husband has given you the deposit. The man says we don’t return the token. Rinki says this is cheating, return our money. He says I can’t do anything, I can give 3 days to get money. Ashok comes and talks to him. Ishita comes to meet the builder and thinks to meet the builder and do something to take the flat. Rinki and Raman will be glad then. Ashok pays the full amount and says he is buying this flat for Rinki, he always wanted Mihir to get everything he deserves, so I m helping you, and asks the man to keep the flat on Rinki’s name.

He sees Ishita there and says he can gift this to his sister as he regards her so, he knows her since her childhood. Rinki says these days even own brother does not think so. Ishita looks on shocked and sad. Ashok says he will drop Rinki and goes with her. Ishita says how to explain Rinki that Ashok is using her, Raman will be angry knowing this, I can’t tell him, he will kill Ashok and fight with Rinki.

Jhakad scolds Romi and kicks him out. Raman scolds Jhakad and says Romi is his brother, he can’t bear anything against him. Romi hears this and cries.

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