Jodha Akbar 30th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hoshiyar comes to Ruks and says that.. Ruks stop him and says i know you wanna say that fake statement has reached Salima, when jodha will return, she will have to face many problems.
Murad says to nisar that i have listened to you, i have talked to other kings, they will help us when we snatch throne, Nisar says you will good king than jalal, murad says i will leave from here tomorrow, Nisar says why so soon? Murad says its not good to stay here, Nisar says till you dont become king, we will keep Jalal here, we will not kill him, we will do as you want, he leaves.
Jodha comes out of English man’s room, she goes to her room, Rahim finds blood stain on her hand and ask how it happened? Moti gets worrieed too, Rahim says i will not leave them, Jodha says nothing happened to me, it happened to that english man who tried to cross limits, Rahim says i will not leave him, Jodha sys i have already punished him, he is not in world now, she tells them everything, Rahim says soon they will get to know that you have killed that man, nisar can catch us, we have to leave from here, Jodha says you are right, they plan to leave the sight, talk is muted.

Scene 2
soldier comes in English man’s room and finds him dead, he shouts, other soldier comes and see him dead. soldier comes to Nisar and tells him about english man’s murder, Nisar says who dared to do it? he was important person, we will have to pay for this murder, who was with him yesterday night? Nisar says that women Phulwa went to his room, nisar ask to call everyone here.
Soldiers come to Jodha’s room and doesnt find anyone, they say it means they have killed him and ran away to save themselves, they search their room, soldier finds swords in room and says women having weapons like these?
Maan and Fazal comes out of tent and finds soldiers running here and there, they ask one soldier, soldier tells them that women killed english man and ran away, Fazal says we should tell jalal, Maan says no he is already stressed, Fazal says ok we will investigate first.
Soldiers come in jungle to find Jodha and Rahim. Jodha alongwith Rahim and Moti are running from jungle, soldiers are behind them, Rahim says to jodha that they are near us, we have to hide, jodha says ok, they hide behind bushes, some soldiers come there, jodha and Rahim fights, they kill soldiers, Rahim says more soldiers must be behind us, we should leave, they leave from there, Moti falls while running and gets hurt in feet, Jodha and Rahim stop, Jodha ask what happened? she checks her feet and takes out prick from her feet, Jodha says she cant walk, we have to stop here, Moti says no you both leave from here, your life is more important, jodha says wow, you gave all your life to me and now asking me to go, i wont, she ask Rahim to find safe place near, we will stop there.
Jodha alongwith Rahim and moti come to some isolated place, Rahim says this is safe place, we will leave after moti gets fine, jodha says to Rahim that i have to tell you something, i saw Murad with Nisar, Rahim says what was he doing with him? jodha says dont know,

Scene 3
Salima ask Hamida to not worry much, Jodha is very brave, i believe she will come out of all problems, dasi comes and says Jodha has returned with Rahim, Hamida gets happy, Jodha comes in with injured Moti, she greets hamida and hugs her, jodha says we couldnt find jalal and Maan there, she ask Salima where is Murad? she says he returned but left again for some work, Jodha ask Rahim to call every minister.
Jodha says to ministers that you have find every clue related to Jalal, keep an eye on Nisar and his men, ministers leaves, Rahim ask why you didnt tell Salima about Murad? Jodha says we dont have any proofs against him, i give you this responsibility and till we dont find any proof against him, dont say anything to Salima, Salima comes in with Todar, they say one problem has happened, Salima tells that in statement we got date of exports after one week but according to exporter date is of today, Jodha is stunned.

PRECAP- Jodha says to Ruks that today i wont listen to you, i will punish you this time and i will not stop myself as its about poor farmers this time, she slaps Ruks hard, Ruks is shocked.

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